"Once I was seven years old. My momma told me 'go, make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely'." 

I relate to that lyric of Luke Graham's song. Except I wasn't seven, I was thirteen and a freshmen in junior high school. And it wasn't my momma, it was my dad. And the message wasn't to go make friends, it was to put responsibility and punctuality ahead of social agenda.

My father is a very disciplined guy, and he made sure his three kids take after that trait. That moment when he was furious to find out that I wasn't home when he came back from work because I wondered off to my new high school friend's house without telling him really took me aback, as well as several other incidents where I had promised him I'd be home at a certain hour and only reached home several minutes after such hour, which is his biggest pet peeve. But growing up, I keep finding that punctuality and responsibility are traits that are hard to come by. My father is much more lenient now that the kids have grown up, and my husband has taken me under his wings, I am grateful for his lessons and his ways of teaching them to me. I would consider that's the best life advice I've ever had.

Tell me, what's the best advice someone has ever given you?