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It's official, I will never get over leg-baring shorts/skirts. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm curveless, because it's true what they say, if there is a rule in fashion, always dress in a way that compliments your body.

December is my second favorite month of a year (after March - my birth month) and everybody knows why.. it's Christmas time! As Justin Bieber puts it, it's the most wonderful time of the year. I can't agree more. Stepping into December, I can already feel joy and love permeating every places I go and every person I pass by (no exaggeration). Am I weird? To me, Christmas is unlike any other holiday, Christmas is magical.

My family cancelled all plans of traveling abroad in celebration of Christmas this year and decided to stay in town. Guess I'll be jealous of everyone else's Christmas plans! But looking on the bright side, spending holiday in town gives me more time for self-indulgents, family gatherings, or perhaps bloggers meet up? So if you are having zero plans for Christmas this year, give me a buzz and we can make up Christmas plans together. :)

Semi-Winter Florals

It's never winter in Indonesia, but we do have cold rainy days. In such times I love pulling off semi-winter looks, especially sweaters and stockings, turning my back on the weird looks and gossiping mouths. Of course, Jakarta can never run out of sunshine and day heat, so rolling your sleeves up is always a good idea.

These are pictures of a Sunday outfit I wore to a family brunch few weeks ago, when it was raining and gloomy. Ah I know, I took too many photos of the wedges... I can't help adoring them so much!

Oh I just glanced out the window and thought how such a perfect day it looks! 

Turquoise Lady

My love for this turquoise shirt has not even for the slightest bit degraded despite how long since I bought it nor how many times I've worn it. In fact it has become my go-to top, and I think it's because of the looseness (tuck it into shorts, let it loose, belt it, all is a go!) and the vibrant fresh color that goes with anything. Even with my treasured tribal necklace! Last week I polished my nails purple, and I loved it much more than I thought I would. 

This post is in collaboration with Iluminen Photography, a newly established photography company founded by Indra Permana. The 21-year-old photographer has true talents and genuine photography instincts. He appreciates enchanting moments in one's life and documents them for you. His work is published here (Facebook) and here (website) and you can see for yourself how his performance improves over time. As a client, I gotta say I'm impressed :)

We're approaching the end of the semester very soon.. that means Christmas holiday is coming fast! Better start making plans to embrace the joyful holiday, any ideas?

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Speaking of cherishing every moments in life (which has been the theme of my posts lately) and out of love for my readers, it's always good to take the spotlight off from outfit post for a moment and give room for a get-to-know. Since Q&A already has its own special tab up there, I would love to share the things I fancy or have been doing or wearing a lot lately.

1. Black H&M flats. Been my college buddy for a while now. 

2. Fall nail polish choices.

3. Bob. A pug of my boyfriend's with cat eyes. Can you resist?

4. Blogging. 

5. Two pairs of newly purchased wedges.

6. Tribal necklace I've been wearing everywhere.

8. Warming essentials (read: my hero) for a person who is easily infected by flu.
Left: Zara cardigan
Right: H&M light cardigan

7. Peeking collars. Thank you Alexa Chung.

In my dictionary, get-to-knows are reciprocal.. that means I want to hear YOUR version of "lately". Please do tell!

You can simply comment, or if you are kind enough to provide an illustrative photo, you're welcome to :
1. email me at wynneprasetyo@hotmail.com, or
2. tweetpic me! @wynneprasetyo

I can't wait to get-to-know my readers and get inspired. I will of course reward the most inspiring of all as a thank you gift :)

Breather for Bee

If there is one thing I learnt from taking 24 credits this semester and having to complete many assignments in short time (be it school work or magazine deadline), it's to embrace the relaxed days. I have been missing out on get-togethers, I have not been attending events I'm utterly excited for, I have even been falling behind movies! Am I happy? Not for the three downsides above, but yes I do find major delights and pleasure on the days that I can afford to slack around a bit.

This is another quickly pulled outfit from a few days back. I decided to wear the polkadot cropped shirt which is actually oversized for me, but pairing it with an oversized salmon outerwear does the trick. My big slouchy Zara bag has been the best company as lately I feel the need to carry more stuffs around. Oh, I have also grown fonder of medium length necklaces. Tips not to underdress your laid-back outfit: wear thick heeled shoes.

I love, however, that in the midst of gloomy busy days, I am every now and then recharged by little things that perk me up. Like a light I-love-you text from my boyfriend, a complimentary tweet from a reader, or a flattering email from potential sponsor or other bloggers. 

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