I was going through a folder in which I put all my outfit photos in the last year, and came across several photos that were yet to be published, barely edited. The dress I wore in the pictures was one of my favorite light dresses, with black cat prints all over it. Since I'm still deciding what to wear for New Year's eve, I'll show you these instead. 

Speaking of New Year's eve, I remember last year I spent the last hours of 2010 having barbecue party with my best friends. Initially there were only eight of us but more people started coming over, it was crazy. We even decided to jump to another barbecue another friend was hosting, mostly my old friends were there so we got the chance to catch up and rekindled neglected relationships that have been blooming until now.

Anyway, these pics seem like they were taken months ago when I was still so in love with pastel hues. Now I'm more into something bolder, more statement-making.

music to my ears:
Flo Rida ft. Sia - Wild Ones


Leopard shirt by Gaudi  .  safari shorts by Pull & Bear  .  tribal necklace from flea market

I thought I would never wear this leopard shirt anymore because the layers around the waist (which are not visible in these pics as the shirt was tucked in) looked overly oversized on me... until my love for dorky collars came about. 

Wore this outfit on a movie date with my brother, Sherlock Holmes was such a good one! I love movies that make you think.. am I weird?

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music to my ears:
Florence and the Machine - Shake It Out 


yellow knit from F21  .  navy stripes by H&M  .  destroyed shorts by Gaudi  .  quilted Chanel bag  .  peacock necklace thrifted in Singapore

When I spotted this yellow sweater on the shelves the other day I couldn't refrain myself from making it mine, despite the many purchases I had made that day and despite the only Large size left. So yes, let me introduce to you my one and only Large apparel. I adore how sunshine-y it is!

Still 3 days left for this year, how is everyone planning to spend them? Do it in style!

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music to my ears:
Tiesto - Heiress of Valentina


dress by Kiwi Wardrobe  .  shoes by Calliope  .  vintage necklace  .  maroon cardigan from mom  .  Pull & Bear bracelet

My family wasn't usually big on Christmas, so this year's was exceptionally memorable. We had gifts under the tree, pretty festive decorations, and the whole day seized. The most well spent Christmas day is one spent with people you most love.

I discovered an old pair of blood red wedges the other day, they're one of my first shoe purchases (bought them with my 3-weeks savings)! I totally regained my love for the lovely bows! They came in handy when I decided to wear this little purple dress for Christmas too. Plus, the low wedges turned out to be a huge help for my tired feet at the end of Christmas shopping spree. 

Anyway, I am completely in love with this dress from my latest sponsor, Kiwi Wardrobe (Facebook / Twitter). Choosing only one item was not easy because all of their stuffs are super lovely! But I am satisfied with the dress I eventually picked, the light purple color is just the perfect hue to add to my closet.

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Deck The Halls

Hello there! 

Just a quick post on a Christmas morning to greet everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thought I might as well share with you one of my new purchases, the polkadot high-waisted shorts I got at unbelievably low price. Yay thrift shops! I will be introducing my other treasures in future posts - after a Christmas post later, of course - so stay tuned. 

I'm off to savor the remaining 15 hours of Christmas (gee, time goes so fast!).

Have a wonderful Christmas, loves!


I remember my boyfriend once said to me: "When we go out I like to see you girly and sexy, when you're out with your friends then you can be more conservative." That day we were having dinner and I wore a dark green button up shirt with beige maxi skirt. Must admit, I did look like an old-fashioned teacher.. but as far as style-exploring goes, I liked it! But since D's taste is more towards a lady-like  look, this is what I pulled off on our next (double) date.

wore a H&M feline dress, pink tight skirt form Peek, pale pink cardigan by H&M, wedges by Crysalis, vintage heart pendant

The little braid I completed the outfit with adds more feminine touch to the look. I liked it, D liked it.. mission accomplished!

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Mint Lines

Lately I find myself drawn towards bright hues, be it pastel or bold. It was generous of my sister to leave this summer dress while she's off to China, I remixed it with some stuffs from different times - brown oversized cardigan from last August, woven shoes from last year, and graphic necklace from three years ago. 

This is why I double (even triple) check the stuffs I want to donate (or sell) each year, I believe that whether or not something is out of date depends on how you see it. Every single thing has its beauty, you can only see it if you believe it. I know I know, I just made myself sound so dreamy and imaginarily magical and all.. if only I could put that thought into better, un-corny words. 

Simply put, some old pieces do deserve a better home, some others are future treasures. 

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Boho Crochet

Finally finished my finals, now I can bounce back to blogging more often! 

Last month, in the effort of keeping the pressure and intensity of final exams low, I ended up shopping a lot more than I budgeted myself. It was worth it though, I loved everything that I bought. One of them  is this boho top I purchased from Zara in discounted price. The blouse has beautiful little crochets on the chest and is perfectly loose, so Alexa Chung inspired.

Can't wait to share the rest of my treasures with you! 

I downloaded Christmas songs last week, they really have been such a pleasant company. They bring me back to the most memorable Christmas I spent in Disneyland, Japan, when I was 11. My all time favorite Christmas song is 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'. What's yours?

♥ Happy holidays!

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