Zara ruffle tank top  .  Zara beige peep-toe pumps  .  necklace by H&M  .  clutch by H&M

Being stylish is about channeling your personality out through your clothes. For an old-fashioned girl like me, sometimes that only requires a ruffle-y tank top, leggings, an excellent pair of pumps, and some topping off accessories. Just the perfect day to wear my H&M necklace I bought during my Europe trip a few months ago. It's pink but it has this geometry-like design that makes it both girly and edgy.

Oh yes I'm classic that way. To me a girl's must haves are a flattering top, black legs-lengthening tights/leggings, a classy flaunty skirt, some jewelries, and a confidence-boosting pair of heels. Fashion is a girl's best friends like dogs are men's. BUT, the one rule that I always tell myself (even when I'm all grown up and beginning to have wrinkles on my face), one's confidence and self-respect must sparkle shinier than all the diamonds one wears.

Minutes to February! What's the Valentine's Day plan?


mullet tank top by (X)S.M.L  .  vintage belt  .  vintage pearl necklace  .  turquoise ring by H&M

I never got the chance to show you the close up of my newly cut hair. Nothing much really, I just got rid of excessive layers and redid the bangs. Here are a few pictures I snapped last week, showing you my new hair and a little bit of that day's outfit. I've been wearing the tank top a lot lately, the color stripes are of my favorite color palette! 


ruffle shirt by "Pile of Thread"  .  grey tights by Topshop  .  beige wedges by Chrysalis  .  drawstring bag by Mango  .  golden tiles necklace

Introducing my newly sponsored ruffle shirt from Pile of Thread (Shop / Twitter) ! The sweet pastel green and perfectly stacked ruffle details on the chest are spoiling my feminine style. This is from their January collection, so I suppose we might expect an all new collection this upcoming February. I'm surely dropping by again for Valentine staple!

This morning I met a friend whom I've never talked to for around 2 years and had some quality talk which really made my day. Some people dislike her for being "annoying" and straightforward and spoiled, but I admire her for her genuinely kind heart and being a very excellent listener. Plus, she doesn't give a dang what people say about her because she is loved by the closest people who understands her and doesn't judge. I love her too, she's my inspiration of the day.

I was recently featured by a fellow blogger, Ellyzabeth. Check it out here.


backless grey dress  .  H&M necklace  .  vintage scarf as headband  .  thrifted polkadot wedges

It was hard for me to decide what to wear on Chinese New Year's day, but I finally pulled this off. My parents don't really make me wear red anymore, I have the liberty to choose my own color so long as it's bright. I decided to go retro with my backless dress and vintage scarf worn as headband. The dress is grey and shady but the light pink accessories does the trick.

My sister was recently pranked into believing that I fell off the stairs and suffered a lethal crack in my skull. It's weird how the prankster knew exactly when to call my sister, because every Tuesday morning my class is held in a room with no reception, therefore my family could not reach me to confirm. Good thing we were not fooled into transferring money or other motives they might have had. 

It's really sad how horrifying the world has become, I must say. Yesterday I had to research about human rights violations around the world and the cases I came across were truly heartbreaking. It really opened my eyes on how fortunate I am to have been born in such a wonderful family and live a wonderful life. I hope this writing can remind you of how blessed we are and how important it is to share - let the less fortunates feel a glimpse of the joy we are privileged with everyday.

music to my ears:
Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (acoustic)


Mayan Prints dress from Peach  .  leopard wedges by Decimal Shoes  .  tribal necklace  .  hard studded clutch

One of my stops today was the saloon to finally get my much needed haircut. The stylist was working on his other client so I cherished the 30 minutes of wait meanwhile. I have this weird thing going on; when my body pauses physical activities, my brain starts coming up with a million thoughts (yes, I'm a hard thinker). Sometimes I tweet them and expect replies to hear what my readers have to say about it, so do join the twitter party!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

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stripe Tee from F21  .  skirt by H&M  .  shoes by Charles & Keith  .  denim vest

As I'm writing this I'm sitting on my bed, putting up with my itchy runny nose, accompanied by my laptop, blackberry, and a box of tissue. It bugs me how I am very susceptible to flu, and the fact that it was raining so hard does not help at all. While enjoying my laptop's company, I came across another group of unpublished photos which I took a while ago. 

Lately my basic staple purchase comprises a lot of stripes, and I'm quite comfortable with the combination of thin stripes of the top and bigger ones of the bandage skirt. Plus, the skirt is made of light fabric thus it compliments my curve-less figure perfectly! I would wear this outfit to a day out with girlfriends and coffee/tea, I think.

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Coldplay ft Rihanna - Princess of China


lacy green top by RED CHERRY  .  beige maxi skirt  .  emerald necklace  .  Zara pumps  .  vintage sateen scarf

Bouncing back to school routines has keeping me occupied the past week. I ended the weekdays watching New Year's Eve last night, a star-studded movie which made me think about how I have been living the beginning of 2012 and how I am planning to spend the rest of it. This year is going to be a year of change. Mazel tov to everyone!

Earlier last week I received a package from my latest sponsor, Red Cherry. After browsing through the collection I finally had my eyes on this lovely top. Lace has indeed been such a trend lately, but the mix of white lace and green palette here just made me fall in love. The top is perfect for every occasion.  You can click here to be immediately redirected.

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pale pink top by Hardware  .  floral skirt  .  beige Zara pumps  .  vintage necklace and ring

Some days I like looking hippie, some other days I channel the girly soul in me. When I go shopping, I always set eyes on hippie jewelries and light clothing which compliments feminine beauty. I was ransacking the sale rack the other day when I discovered the floral skirt. The floral pattern and color palette are admittedly not new, I've seen ones similar to this, but I just felt like I had to get this one for three reasons: it's so pretty, it compliments my skin tone, and it's timeless.

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butterfly print top  .  black maxi skirt from Peach  .  orange clutch by Stradivarius  .  heart-shaped leopard necklace by F21

FIve days of 2012 have passed, time flies! School starts on the 9th, oh dear..  I have a love and hate relationship with my school. I love dressing up and meeting my friends and hanging out during recesses, but I dislike waking up early and attending supremely long classes and being terrorized by homework deadlines. I'm sure everyone feels me. Nevertheless, spirit's still high, I can't wait!

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