blue boudoir by H&M  .  lace cardigan  .  brown shorts by Pull&Bear  .  cut-out heels by Charles&Keith  .  ARCUS handbag

I actually should be studying right now because midterms start tomorrow! I was actually making notes but somewhere in the middle I got bored and thought of blogging for a little. Plus, I am excited to introduce to you my newly gifted handbag from ARCUS. ARCUS makes high quality handbags with pretty variety of colors and perfect size for all your tiny little stuffs you need to carry everywhere. Way to style a busy day. Get them here.

Good news, I finally bought a new Canon 500D for my birthday. Unfortunately the next two weeks is quite fully booked so I can't promise to take outfit pictures everyday. But don't worry because I surely snapped some already and they're currently being edited. Oh I missed this!

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brown tank by H&M  .  wool jacket by H&M  .  Aztec print shorts by Gaudi  .  vintage bag (mom's)  .  low grey wedges

It struck me pretty hard when I found out that a culprit (let's not mention names) lost my camera. Despite being a light user of a camera, the feeling of not being able to take pictures of my outfits for a while kind of devastates me. 

Since my birthday is coming up, I think I'm going to get myself a new camera with my own money, gotta be worth it. But I've been looking for the exact same one that I've been using and every shops I went to ran out of stock! So if any of you sell SLR cameras, or know someone who does, do let me know.. so I won't have to stay on a hiatus for very long!

In the meantime, I'll try to snap more fashion-related pictures and put them up on Twitter. Do stay in touch, follow me here!

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ruffle top from Pile of Thread  .  tight pink skirt  .  Steve Madden T-bars  .  H&M clutch

Despite all prejudices, this year's Valentine's day turns out to be the best so far. My boyfriend D paid a quick yet lovely visit right before the clock stroke 12, I had lunch with the best girl friends in the world, and received another lovely package from D. As to spending the rest of the evening, I do not have any special plan. No fancy restaurants, no romantic dinners. I might just drop by D's house and spend the evening with the brothers and cute little dogs. After all, the most wonderful Valentine's day is spent with most loved ones, right?

Hence, pardon me for not posting a Valentine outfit (if any, I would be posting them after the weekend). This is just a set of pictures I snapped while wearing a ruffle top gifted by Pile of Thread, combined with some other romantic staples to rise to the occasion.

ps - I hope your Valentine's Day was very well-spent!

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magenta dress by Red Cherry  .  T-bar heels by Steve Madden

Some people are born with all the privileges a person could only dream of; the perfect family, a pretty face, wealth, charming personality, soulmate-like best friends, and the perfect boyfriend. Some of those people think because they're born into such amazing life, they deserve all that. As a girl who wasn't born into such a perfect life, I learnt that nobody deserves anything that we have now. The poor on the streets, they do not deserve such a miserable life as we don't deserve ours. I'm proud to say that all the imperfections in my life have taught me so many important lessons that some other people are blinded by wealth that they might never learn them.

I am thankful for everything I have now, although my life not perfect and I would definitely fix things a little bit here and there. It's workable, I believe. I can't be happier to be born as me. And I owe it to every single person in my life.

Valentine is near! Thought I'd post something pink-related.. although it's really magenta instead of pink. Introducing a new dress from my latest sponsor, Red Cherry. I hardly wear magenta, never knew such a subtractive color makes a great match to my pale skin!

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muddy tank by (X)SML  .  light brown maxi dress  .  tribal necklace  .  vintage belt

I'm not sure if it is only in the movies, but some girls lavishly shop for clothes they would only wear once. Twice is a no go. I definitely am not that type as on the contrary, the only clothes I would shop are those I can wear a gazillion times! It's a challenge to wear an item in many different ways and not look boring, isn't it? 

Though I'm speaking generally, this tank top is a particular example. Still remember how I wore this "muddy tank" with shorts? To a blogger meet-up last week, I put it on over a light brown maxi dress and belted it to accentuate my hips and lengthen my legs. 

I'm not in any way ashamed, in fact I'm so proud that I might as well begin counting how many styles I can come up with for the same item. Haha, forgive me for being dramatic, but I can conclude that the more versatile an item is, the better buy it is!

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loose black blouse by Stradivarius  .  sand shorts by Pull & Bear  .  vintage necklaces  .  H&M clutch  .  two tone wedge sandals

Y'all may know by now I'm a sucker for easy outfits. Introducing my new wedge-sandals (another great deal I'm so proud of) that are very comfortable and basically go with anything in my closet. Also, the wedges are of a perfect height that they are very efficient for errands.

I'm heading off to Bandung for the weekend, so ciao for now!

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