thrifted white shirt  .  stripey bandage by H&M  .  woven clutch by H&M  .  mom's necklace

I dream of living young and free. Not that I'm now old and captive, but I wish to remain in such a state until ever after. Something in the heart tells me I've not been living my life to its fullest! Ah, that reminds me of my life goals.. one of which is to travel around the world. I'm definitely getting myself a world map that I can pin up on my wall and I will mark the places I've been to. That shall motivate me to work my butt off to realize my dream!

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Karmin - Brokenhearted


Nobody is perfect. Yes yes, true. But despite any imperfection, some people are just the best in the world, don't you think? During a lovely dinner with two best friends at Convivium yesterday, I was caught in fascination by the little details of our outfits and the place itself. Such enchantments! 

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Hurts - Better Than Love



"You have needs - satisfy them"

Clothing by SELF.ISH  . accessories from Wynne Prasetyo

A while ago I tweeted something about an upcoming fashion project of mine. Acknowledging fashion as a universal language and form of expression for everyone, I'm excited to share with you the launch of "SELF.ISH". The name itself embodies that we recognize unique selves of every person, and how we are dedicated to channel those personalities through each piece of our clothing. 

Kindly visit our page here, means abundantly to me. 

p.s.- Follow our Twitter too for updates (and upcoming surprises!) @Selfish_ID

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Moony (ft. DJ Malibu) - He's All I Want


You know how after midterms, all lecturers seem to be in a consensus to torment students? Exactly. I've been sinking my head into a huge bulk of homework that the blog has somewhat been neglected. So excited to bounce back!

Finals are coming near and I'm having mixed feelings about it. I want the tedious semester to end soon but I don't want college to finish just yet. In spite the endless ups and downs, I'm savoring every moment of the remaining days because learning my lessons, time flies and all the good things may end before you know it. So I guess.. carpe diem!

ps - My clothing line has just been launched earlier this week! Do visit here.

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Outasight  -  Tonight is The Night


Pink top by Red Cherry  .  tribal shorts by Gaudi  .  nude wedges

I've been feeling down quite often lately, something must be off in life but I can't figure out what. Gonna use this happy day of Easter to reflect and pray for signs or answers. Some friends and fellow bloggers have been cheering me up via Twitter and Blackberry texts, I really appreciate every words of encouragement! The people in my life is what keeps me going :)

Although this is not my Easter outfit, I felt like sharing it with you! I wore my tribal print shorts with a pink ruffly top from Red Cherry. How do you like it?

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Kaskade ft. Deadmau5 - I Remember

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