galactic outerwear // heels by Pedro

Can you believe 2012 is halfway through already? When did all the time go? It's a wake up call for me today that I need to start living life and celebrate every day as time ticks away because life does not stop for anybody!

I will be with D attending a wedding this evening, but we have too little time to primp up so I'll just tweet my dress later! Follow me here.

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Peplum top by Auburn & Ginger // vintage purse

When it comes to window shopping I'm all about basics, versatile staples that worth every penny. But every once in a while I let myself indulge in clothes with edgier cuts and bolder designs, just to ensure that I have a statement piece that can stand out on its own without the help of abundant additional styling. 

This is the first peplum top I've got. For a change, instead of adhering to its naturally formal look, I wore it with playful dot pants and mustard wedges. The orange peplum, with special necklace-y decoration attached to it, is another piece I got from the wonderful Auburn & Ginger. Have you stopped by their new website yet?

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Walk the Moon - Anna Sun


leopard shirt by Gaudi // turquoise skirt by Gaudi // peep toes by F21

The camera does not love me today because I looked awfully pale. Thus I changed into something more cheerful and let the leopard print and turquoise skirt work their magic. 

It's a Saturday night and I'm home early from a dinner with D and some relatives. Why? Because a girl needs proper sleep before heading out to a full day trip outta town! The family is driving to Bandung first thing tomorrow morning. So.. ciao!

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Auburn & Ginger mullet dress // Zara peep toe pumps // peacock necklace from Singapore

Winter, spring, summer, or fall... I will never get over pretty white dresses. They come in different designs and details which make each of them special. Imagine my contentment while opening a package from Auburn & Ginger and discovering this pretty dress. My heart jumped in joy because of the lovely sheer lace back and high-low skirt design.

Auburn & Ginger is an Indonesian-based webstore, accessible on Facebook fanpage, which provides great variety of clothes with free shipping service. A privilege that I find delightful is they allow you to return or alternate your purchase in case of dissatisfaction. Highly recommended, girls. Auburn & Ginger just launched their official website and is currently on sale until the June 24! Click here to head over to and explore the site for an easily delightful shopping escapade! 

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John Mayer - Fool to Love You


thrifted ink splatter top // jade high-low skirt by Pile of Thread // tangerine clutch by Bershka // peep-toe pumps by Zara // vintage necklace

I finally used up my discount privilege from this adorable webstore who sponsored me last time, PILE OF THREAD, to purchase this beautiful jade colored skirt. The problem with most online stores promising low prices nowadays is the catch; which is the according quality of the products. Pile of Thread has proven itself to be an exception of this, I'm very pleased by the skirt's material and hem. 

YOU CAN GET THE DISCOUNT PRIVILEGE TOO! Go to Pile of Thread's facebook and simply use the custom code "FGC 10" on the purchase procedure. Enjoy it while it lasts!

ps. - This code is valid until July 10.

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Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing


Sequined shoulders shirt by Avenue  /  basic leggings  /  Cross necklace by Art Jewelry  /  Steve Madden T-bars

Life amuses me in very strange ways. The roller coaster ride, they say, the thrilling ups and the slamming downfalls. The last two months have been quite a struggle for me, but it's beginning to look good from this point ahead.

A long-awaited call woke me up this morning, I'm called in for my most desired job interview. You know the feeling that you're so excited that you begin shaking? Yes, that's me this morning. I bought a black skirt for work just a few days ago (perfect timing) and should still be looking for the perfect top to wear. Maybe it's just my thing, but I believe appearance affects confidence which in turn affects aura. Gotta go all in. Wish me luck?

I do not let myself own too many sequins in my wardrobe, but I really keep the ones I do like my children. This rad blouse/shirt with sequined shoulders is my latest find and definitely my favorite now! 

ps. - A giveaway is on the way, so stay tuned (:

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polkadot sheer shirt  .  Stradivarius chestnut leggings  .  Bershka clutch

While moving back in to my actual house and rearranging my new closet made me realize how many old stuffs I have forgotten about. So happy to be wearing them again like they were new. 

I'm very much in the hype of Euro 2012! Which teams are you rooting for? I'm all England and Germany! <3

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John Legend - Please Baby Don't


Yea I know I know.. been MIA for 1,5 months now, a lot has happened in that period and I really miss blogging! How have you guys been? If you have been following my Twitter (@wynneprasetyo) you might have seen some of these before. For catching up sake, enjoy!

1. My necklace hanger. Definitely need more of those!
2. A part of my last Monday outfit.
3. Brutally fringe necklace.
4. Crochet + tutu + mint + red nails (for sale here!)
5. A gifted pocket mirror. Look at how cute that owl is! My girl friend knows best.
6. A pair of flat mary-janes that spoils my feet.

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