As much as blogs and Twitters are "personal", I believe the fact that they are social medias somewhat ups our ethical standard on what to post. What you write can be very influential to whoever reads them, thus I always try to refrain from sending negative posts. Lately though, I have been sending one or two hate tweets for which I apologize. Girl has been through quite a rough time and caught in between keeping things to herself and telling them to people. Not an excuse, just a necessary explanation following apology.

Still and all, I should be announcing the winner to my giveaway with Devotee.CoBig congratulations to Cindy from Princesse de la Mode! Please initiate a delivery arrangement of the tinted rose top with Devotee.Co.

Don't frown now, another giveaway's coming up soon! I promise!

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navy tee from H&M // midi mullet skirt by Pile of Thread // vintage purse

This week has been the busiest of the school break, I have five different projects on my plate and my calendar keeps filling up! Sometimes though, too much to do is better than nothing to do. And sometimes, busy days make you cherish the relaxed ones more. It's crazy how much I miss my friends and thus enjoy catching up over a lovely dinner and whatnot. It's the little things in life, pals.

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Zara floral maxi dress // shoes from Charles & Keith // black bag from The Bag Line

Every girl has that one go to bag that she grabs as either first choice in that being her favorite, or last choice that she resorts to because no other bag suits her outfit as well as it does. Introducing my new best friend here, a black bag of just the right size, perfect container for my many little things I need to carry around. It's only been a week since The Bag Line sent me this bag and I've literally been carrying it everywhere. Hope my other bags would tolerate my current addiction!

What's your go-to bag? If you don't have one yet, find The Bag Line here!

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white blouse from Red Cherry // white denim shorts by Bershka // denim wedges from Charles & Keith // knitwear by Miss Selfridge // vintage scarf worn as headband

All summer my random internet surfing has come across a heartbreakingly lot of all white outfits. Normally they're photographed by the beach, the perfect destination for any summer. Nevertheless, I'm not discouraged to make my holiday any less summery as it already isn't. Today I put together an all-white outfit with a little bit of grey and denim pop. The extra chiffon layer as flipped into the upper hem of this Red Cherry white blouse and the lovely embroidery on the sides of the white shorts really got me saying 'j'adore bien!' over and over again everytime I lay eyes on them!

By the way, I am now on Gushcloud! Head over to my profile here!

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yellow sweater by F21 // printed pants by Gaudi // creepers from OASAP // vintage purse

Let's give room to a personal opinion here, I think the phrase 'I hate Mondays' is completely overused and overrated. Today's not a Monday, but I tweeted this a couple days ago that Mondays are only as hateable as your mind makes them. Sometimes I wake up with the worst feeling ever, but music has always been my magic and it overturns my bad day all the time. More often than not, channeling my mood through my clothes has its magic as well, thus the bright outfit here. So whoever's still hating Monday by default, find your magic baby!

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tinted rose top by Devotee Co // peach cardigan // tangerine clutch by Bershka // heels by Pedro


Good news for Indonesian-based readers, the giveaway I promised a while ago is here! Devotee Co is an Indonesian based fashion company who is generously giving away this pretty tinted rose top. I'm wearing one myself and I can tell you how lovable this top is and how comfortable the soft twistcone material falls onto the skin. All you have to do to win this giveaway is these simple steps:

1. Like Devotee Co on Facebook (here)
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... and you're in! This giveaway is open until July 30. Now this is not mandatory, but it would be very nice if you would tweet me upon completion of all the steps. Good luck!

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ivory blouse by Zara // beige pants by Zara Kids // thrifted maple blazer // accessories by Juice Orange

If you follow me on Twitter you would be aware that I proudly purchased a pair of pants from a kids department. I can't believe I didn't think of it in any earlier point in my life, considering the pants from the adult department never fit my size. I combined them with a vintage jacket with maple leaf prints, modern meets vintage felt so personal to me!

One of the many drawbacks of being skinny, at least in my case, is having my body parts undersized for jewelries, in particular bracelets and rings. Of all fashion items, those are probably the two least shopped in my life. Which is why it's good to have them gifted instead! Thank you Juice Orange for the bracelet and ring; I love it, especially the beautiful handmade ring!

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The Shins - No Way Down


b/w top by Auburn & Ginger // accessories by TLTSN

Recently color block trend has invaded all fashion stores in sight, and since I'm not a woman of many bright colors, a black meets white top is just comfort zone material. Again, thanks to the wonderful Auburn & Ginger. I wore it rather casually with my most comfortably well-fitting pair of jeans and strappy low wedges from several years ago. I, however, am a woman of many daily errands and this outfit is the perfect go-to for the crazy hot days lately.

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