peacock jacket from Gaudi // braided necklace from Pull & Bear // strappy heels by Pedro

Having only thesis and one class retake as my school-related schedules doesn't stop me from filling up my calendar with magazine work, moot court tasks, social events and get-togethers. I was finally slowed down yesterday by an annoying flu which is still getting on my case today. This is my body telling me to tone it down! 

These days I'm drawn into purple colors. Purple makes my complexion paler than ever, but sometimes I kinda like pale, sometimes pale is good. I'm not sure whether this light dress is a light shade of purple in color, but I definitely like how my purple peacock jacket decorates it!

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Zara navy blue tank // gifted galaxy outerwear // black shorts from Mango // bag by Arcus Bags 

One of the outfits from my Japan trip. These red flats and the tribal sandals in my last post were definitely my best buddies. I'm intentionally keeping this post short of pictures because here comes the exciting part - announcement of FGC x Pile of Thread giveaway 
winner! A total of 97 entries registered, the random number generator decided last night that the dress shall go to entry #47, so congratulations to Izzatunnisa Galih from Chaos Around Me! Please initiate contact with Pile of Thread crew to claim the prize.

Anywho, I remember in my early blogging days how thrilled I always got when a fellow blogger tagged me in a circulating award. I have, however, been ignorant about such awards but just last night I thought - hey why not, for once? Cassandra from Back to Five recently gave me a Liebster award for which I am to state 11 things about me, so thanks Cassie darling and read on!

1. I have my coffee Americano in the morning and Caramel Frappucino for the rest of the day.
2. I find snakes petrifying.
3. I listen to wide selection of music but my all time preference is house/trance.
4. I don't enjoy playing adventure games as much as I enjoy logic games.
5. As much as I don't believe astrology, everything they say about my star sign is actually true.. Pisceans are dreamy, sensitive, imaginative, and deep thinkers.
6. I've been 163cm/47kgs since junior high.
7. I'm not satisfied with only being fluent in Bahasa and English, so I'm currently self-teaching French, Italian, and Spanish. (Care to help?)
8. Never in my life have I gone to the saloon for a manicure/pedicure.
9. Only once in my life have I gone to the saloon for a cream bath.
10. My idea of a good dinner is tasty food with a fine wine/martini/gin/whiskey.
11. Sleep is one of my imperatives. I do not survive a day without a minimum of 5 hours sleep.

Any fact we are similar about? Tell me about you!

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This morning I soaked up Japan sun and now here I am on my laptop in my very own bedroom... the trip was quite a breathe of fresh air. This post - and the future ones, for that matter - are certainly not to be flooded with endless photos, I suppose these highlights shall suffice. Besides, I am too weary to be editing thousands of photos tonight. Maybe tomorrow, if I finish putting together the clean set of photos, I will have them up on Facebook.

p.s - FGC x Pile of Thread giveaway is officially closed! Winner will be announced very, very soon.

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Tres Chic by Priscilla Elizabeth top // pants by Nefertiti // denim wedges by Charles & Keith // necklace by F21

Since I have no curves to flaunt, my legs are probably the only asset I can flash when dressing up. Shorts are thus my ultimate best friend, but lately I find myself gravitating towards trousers too. I'm all about trousers that are perfectly fitting and designed in such a way that they compliment slender legs. I got this navy pair from Nefertiti and fell completely in love with the black linear patch that makes them so unique!

Ecstatic about my family vacation to Japan I am! I remember how the big cities and theme parks captivated me six years ago, this time we're taking a more suburban route with villages and cultural sites all over the itinerary. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and will be back on the 24th. Until then guys! Bisous bisous.

p.s - 1 more week to join FGC x Pile of Thread giveaway. Click here now!

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The thing about sweaters is that you'll never find yourself in a store, gazing at a piece that would be the perfect new baby, and find out later that they run out of your size. It's pleasing especially for someone who often learns that even the smallest size in store is too big. 

p.s - Join FGC x Pile of Thread giveaway to win a little white dress, click here!

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back layer T-shirt by Nefertiti // necklace from F21 // shoes from Charles & Keith

So it's a Saturday, the universally perfect day to get the good things going.. but the sun has just been so awfully cruel in doing its job! It turned me 180 and here I am having the best time in my room just relaxing and updating the blog. I hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!

Speaking of ultra hot days, what's better than a messy bun and set of outfit with the capability of increasing comfort as well as confidence? I believe this is not the first time I speak of my adoration towards clothes with unexpected design twist. My latest love is a blouse I'm so lucky to have been gifted by a well-known local brand, Nefertiti. The 'twist' of it is that extra layer on the back that I intentionally left unbelted and is covering half side of the floral pants. It's like bringing casual T-shirts to the next level.

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Naked back dress from DinoDirect // Zara peeptoe pumps

As a woman who believes in the joyful little things in life, I am easily perked up by lovely dinners and after-dinner drinks with my version of the best people in the world. In addition, I like to look good doing it. I like putting basics together to make up a fine cocktail look as much as I like purchasing an edgy cocktail dress right off the rack.

Upon receiving a lovely present from a Hongkong-based online shopping site, DinoDirect, the pleasure's hence all mine! Red is usually not my preferred color, but I cannot resist the gorgeous back of this dress. Taking the material and neat hems into account, $9.99 felt like nothing much. Now in case this dress mesmerizes you as much as it did me, click here and make the purchase yourself.. They have other colors too!

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James Morrison - A Beautiful Life


If there is one thing that you will definitely find plenty in my closet, that would be my collection of white tops. I have all kinds of em, from the plainest to the heavily adorned. I gotta thank Pile of Thread for sending me this beautiful white blouse with the loveliest little studs on the collars and the back pleats. Pile of Thread has become one of my favorite online shops because high quality clothes are hard to come by online these days, yet Pile of Thread is one of the few that has always proven me wrong on this.

... which is why I'm thrilled to giveaway one of their thoroughly designed dresses to a lucky reader! 

1. Like Pile of Thread on Facebook (here)
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4. for extra entry: spread the news about this giveaway on your social network (Facebook/Twitter/Blog) and send proof to us! 

This giveaway is exclusive for Indonesian based readers, and closes on August 24. Good luck!
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