Zara navy blue tank // gifted galaxy outerwear // black shorts from Mango // bag by Arcus Bags 

One of the outfits from my Japan trip. These red flats and the tribal sandals in my last post were definitely my best buddies. I'm intentionally keeping this post short of pictures because here comes the exciting part - announcement of FGC x Pile of Thread giveaway 
winner! A total of 97 entries registered, the random number generator decided last night that the dress shall go to entry #47, so congratulations to Izzatunnisa Galih from Chaos Around Me! Please initiate contact with Pile of Thread crew to claim the prize.

Anywho, I remember in my early blogging days how thrilled I always got when a fellow blogger tagged me in a circulating award. I have, however, been ignorant about such awards but just last night I thought - hey why not, for once? Cassandra from Back to Five recently gave me a Liebster award for which I am to state 11 things about me, so thanks Cassie darling and read on!

1. I have my coffee Americano in the morning and Caramel Frappucino for the rest of the day.
2. I find snakes petrifying.
3. I listen to wide selection of music but my all time preference is house/trance.
4. I don't enjoy playing adventure games as much as I enjoy logic games.
5. As much as I don't believe astrology, everything they say about my star sign is actually true.. Pisceans are dreamy, sensitive, imaginative, and deep thinkers.
6. I've been 163cm/47kgs since junior high.
7. I'm not satisfied with only being fluent in Bahasa and English, so I'm currently self-teaching French, Italian, and Spanish. (Care to help?)
8. Never in my life have I gone to the saloon for a manicure/pedicure.
9. Only once in my life have I gone to the saloon for a cream bath.
10. My idea of a good dinner is tasty food with a fine wine/martini/gin/whiskey.
11. Sleep is one of my imperatives. I do not survive a day without a minimum of 5 hours sleep.

Any fact we are similar about? Tell me about you!

music to my ears:
Maroon 5 - Daylight


  1. i like your galaxy printed outer! :D

  2. pretty <3

  3. pretty outer ci! and i like caramel frappucinno too :D but i'm more into caramel macchiato these days because it provides me more awaken-feeling

    Pudding Monster

  4. congratulation to the winner! :)
    love your bag ci <333

  5. love love your outer and flats! <3 ooh we share few things in common. 1, 8, 10, and 11! but lately i can't sleep eh -_- frustrating

  6. awww I saw my name there, is it real? xD
    thanks, I will send a message to claim it :)

    in fact, I've send a message to your facebook page ;) xoxo

  7. nice style!
    you are inspiring dear!
    following you now, mind to follow back? :D

    Wulan Wu on

  8. What you wore in this post is so matching and I love thatt!!
    I really love ur sense of fashion :D

  9. Thx for visiting me. Loving the galaxy outerwear!!


  10. Well, I'd love to be able to start self-teaching Italian! Really, I dream that one day I will go there and communicate with some Italian people using their language, not English.
    I've never gone to the saloon for a manicure/pedicure! + I also need sleep. I don't care if I should do my homework or if I should do something more - when I need sleep, I go to my bed and fall asleep. 5 hours at least but I prefer 7. :D

    + 163cm & 47kg? Wooow, give me Your silhouette! :)

    Hannie :))

  11. How adorable are you?! Omgosh I love your style. The scarf is amazing and the flats.


  12. You're so pretty! Love how you styled the galaxy outerwear <3 And congrats to the winner xx

  13. Lovely outfit! (;
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. xx

    Maybe u wanna follow each other?

    Love, Jackffy

  14. I love those shoes! :)

  15. Beautiful outfit, I love your scarf :)

  16. Girl you are adorable as ever. I need to check back in and see what's up. Looking beautiful and chic as always, Wynne. xo. -Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

  17. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  18. Oh my word, there's that awesome galaxy jacket again! :)
    Haha, my absolute fave thing in your closet ;)

    Trendy Teal

  19. nice outfit~~!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  20. Such a pretty necklace & galaxy outerwear <3 How's Japan kak?


  21. love the outer and goodluck for the winner :)

  22. Love this outfit! That cardigan is amazing!!! I'm your newest follower :) Hope you can visit and follow my blog too!

  23. that galaxy print outer is sooo pretty!

  24. Pretty look dear! I love the galaxy print jacket and I can't wait to see more photos of your Japan trip. :)

    Gazillionth Thought Bubble

  25. I love that outerwear! This is a great outfit, love it too! And you look so cute! :D

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  26. you look beautiful! congratulations to the winner...
    i totally agree with the n.11 fact.. i love to sleep

  27. cool outfit !!!

  28. HI:)
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    Cool your galaxy cardigan.I think the same about the number 11 of that list.Kisses

    Visit Missy Cheeks Looks on facebook:!/MissyCheeksLooks

  29. Hermoso chaleco tipo galaxia esta padrísimo si lucen hermoso

  30. I totally love your galaxy print kimono, it's stunning!

  31. Looks like you had so much fun in Japan. Am I right Wynne?
    Nice outfits and you look great in your galaxy outer!

  32. you look gorgeous! love the flats!

    Jacklyn ☮❤ from Aly´s Book: Birthday Girl

  33. wow :D you are so pretty!
    maybe we can follow eatch other?

  34. This is such a great outfit: comfortable and stylish!


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