vintage ink blue shirt // pants from Tr├Ęs chic by Priscilla Elizabeth // peep toe pumps by Zara

One of the most effective ways of easing a rough day is by wearing a combination of all things you are fancying at the time being. This is not the outfit I wore to Fashion Carnival last night, but definitely one that I am glad I ever made happen. I grow fonder of ink blue these days, how much do you wanna bet that the color is going to dominate my next shopping treasures? Oh, for a few snaps from last night please go to my Facebook here!

People have been sending me anonymous questions on Formspring about where I shop, what I think looks good with their new purchase, where to get a coveted item, etc. A question from last night asked my opinion about Tanah Abang. Those who live in Jakarta must at least have heard of it, but for those who have not, Tanah Abang is a shopping centre selling clothes, both wholesale and retail, which is famously known for their cut-rate prices. It thus became those crowded shopping places and this is considered as a drawback for some people. 

Guess what, problem solved! You can now shop online at their website,, they offer a huge range of clothes with economical price and they ship worldwide! I always say if you have to rely on brands to call yourself stylish, you are really not. Go to the downmarket places and if you can spot treasures there, you earn my respect. Accept my challenge?

music to my ears:
David Guetta ft Teagan and Sara - Every Chance We Get We Run


Sway Chic lace cut-out dress // Nine West platform sandals // vintage necklace

If you've been following me on Twitter, you would know that around three weeks ago I received a package from Los Angeles. I waited until today to finally wear this to a relative's wedding and to show what's in the package to you readers! It's a dress of my own choice after a long surf through their wonderful website and all the pretty clothes and shoes they have! A wonderful and head-turning mullet lace dress with mini cut outs on the waist that I've been coveting for a while now. Thank you Sway Chic for one of the best dresses in my wardrobe!
music to my ears:
Al Green - Let's Stay Together


H&M sheer shoulder blouse // Nine West platform sandals

On my calendar today are a(nother) meeting with a website designer and a get-together with the friends I call the dinner gang afterwards. My answer to how to dress properly for a casual meeting and a fine dinner is something edgy but comfortable with the color of my current mood. This feels just right. I'm off now, ta ta!

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Example - Say Nothing


black and white top from Nefertiti // sandals by Nine West // gifted necklace // Stradivarius tangering clutch

Attended the black and white grand launching party of Zalora. I initially went out of magazine duty but meeting that lot of people and being a part of such a lovely party were definitely dope. As a cherry on top, straight from this event I went to the airport picking up D who's recently back in town to resume lawyering work. Good life!
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Dirty South ft. Alesso - City of Dreams


sister's maxi dress // grey blazer by Nefertiti

The weather was rather weird today; strikingly hot but smelled a wee bit like rain. I put on the most comfortable outfit I can pull off in under ten minutes, but due to uncertainties here and there I decided to complete every thing I need done today by millions of phone calls. And of course I took a couple shots of the aforementioned outfit, featuring a jacket from the lovely Nefertiti. Mind the messy hair, the braid was unfinished when I had to run so I just went off tying it on that awkward height. The only thing I haven't managed to do at this point is Chapter 2 of my thesis due Thursday, oh help!

music to my ears:
David Guetta ft Sia - She Wolf (Michael Calfan Remix)


Gaudi pants // gifted tribal cropped blouse // braided necklace from Pull & Bear // H&M bag

I have recently found the fun of clashing prints. It is not something I usually do, but these ikat pants have been worn with probably all the plain tops I have, in all colors, so I thought why not. I deliberately finish the look with skin tone pumps to keep people's eyes on the tribal mix. I'm happy and looking forward to explore other print clashing options my wardrobe provides!

music to my ears:
British India - I Can Make You Love Me


floral perennial blouse by SugarLips // neon pink shorts by H&M // platform sandals by Nine West // vintage Celine purse

So in spite of my dismaying health issue I checked out MUHA Space Runway on a lovely invite from a fellow, who turns out to be one of the designers. Little did I know many of my friends were attending too. Funny how I neglected to take more pictures with them, not even my own plus one! I hope the late dinner we had right after makes a good compensation. Anyways, cheers to the designers and the team behind the curtain for putting together such an entertaining show!

music to my ears:
360 - Run Alone

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