front-side back cardigan // lace shorts by Bershka
So my Halloween this year isn't festive. Not only because it occurs on a weekday, also due to my deadlines keeping me constrained to the laptop all day. I'm only beginning to resume my work as I write this, so this is a scheduled post because I need to finally break the news and open Laurence King x FGC giveaway!

Titled 100 Years of Fashion, Cally Blackman brings us through a journey of a decade-long fashion history and development. With winsome photos and enchanting illustrations on almost every flips of the page, no fashionista would not find this book bewitching. I have not finished reading it myself, as carrying on would cost me overdues of deadline, but the chapters I have flicked through were truly inspired! Laurence King Publishing has agreed to reward another copy to one lucky reader of Fashion Geek's Closet, in whichever part of the globe you live in. So follow these easy steps now:

1. Follow this blog.
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4. Leave a comment stating your e-mail.
5. For extra entry: tweet me the reason why you want this book to be yours!

Each person will thus have a maximum of 2 entries; 1 by fulfilling the first four steps and another 1 by doing the last step. The giveaway will be closed on November 16 at 11PM.

Good luck!
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sleeveless blazer by Auburn & Ginger // maroon skirt by F21 // Nine West heels

Drifting away a bit from my usually feminine city-hopping lady style, I have recently grown interests in sleeveless blazers. They are by nature edgy and sometimes come with an elegant structure, creating a smart expensive look. None has to wonder why I picked this creme sleeveless blazer from Auburn & Ginger, whose collection is always one step ahead of trends. Get one like mine!

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Auburn & Ginger cropped top // Topshop leather pants // ARCUS bag

My days have never been crazier. I have come to this point where I bail on social gatherings and turn down invitations because I cannot afford to spend time not doing my work. The time when ever single hour counts. Oh I just need to get all of this over with and bounce back to my social life. Tomorrow, I leave early in the morning for something I won't tell (because I don't wanna jinx it) but I'd appreciate your prayers for.. and will be wrapping up the night with an anniversary dinner. May the one day off be a kickass payback for the past exhausting days.

The cropped top is a gift from Auburn & Ginger, the print reminds me of that set of pattern with fat cute pigs and huge colorful flowers that were such a trend back in my junior high school life. Nothing like your clothes taking you on a flashback. Going for an easy outfit, the leather pants and wide-heeled shoes felt like the perfect fit. 
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mommy's hand-me-down sweater // Zara sateen mini dress

It's been raining a lot and I am yet to be sure whether or not I like this rainy season. I definitely enjoy the wind balancing the striking sunshine, but cannot bear having to choose between putting an indefinite pause to my activities and risking my hair and clothes to be soaked. Not to mention how London would not be able to go out and play. A wee bright side on a fashion note is that I get to wear my sweaters again! Not sure what inspired me but sweater over dress is an alluring combo I like to hit these days when the clouds come on.

ps - upcoming giveaway hint: how many of my readers are fashionable bookworms?

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Mossi tank top from Nefertiti // white denim shorts by Bershka // Zara peep toe pumps

I'm all about basics of the next level. After the purple layered top, I treasured this white tank top with black sides from Nefertiti. This has been an essential for any laid-back days I could rarely chance on these days. Easy breezy and not any less edgy.

It always pleasures me to look back on how far this blog has taken me. The every-now-and-then popping e-mails and tweets, the friendly endeavors on both social medias and real life experiences.. it's the heart-warming feedbacks as such that keep me going until now. It is thus an honor for me to be judging a fashion design competition at ESCALADES 2012, information of which you can get by visiting their Facebook or Twitter. Everybody's invited, everybody's welcome!

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mint green blouse from Pull & Bear // overall dress by Red Cherry //clutch by MILCAH

I find it funny now that people exalts the trend of tribal/traditional pattern, yet still so few Indonesians appreciate our very own traditional pattern of Batik. In spirit of Batik day last October 2nd, I pulled out every Batik clothing that I have and scored some considerably stylish looks. Just the perfect timing for Alleira Batik to strengthen its take in Batik fashion with a superb fashion show at Hotel Mulia, presenting reformed and modernized Batik fashion for men, women, and kids. Salute to every Indonesians - and even non Indonesians - who appreciate the beauty of Batik.

The outfit is clearly not what I wore to the fashion show, but something I would really like to share with my readers. After all trends of bright colors and creative prints, it just feels right for childlike looks to make a comeback. I love this denim overall dress Red Cherry sent over to me last week, perfect essential for a casual day look!

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black bustier // Zara skirt // Steve Madden heels

Sometimes what I wear is inspired by the music I listen to. For the past months I have not been over Avicii's Silhouette and I just had the idea of posting something silhouette-ish, in black/white pictures. My choice of outfit was a silhouette-highlighting classic, a black bustier and midi skirt and classic mary janes. Enjoy!

A fellow Indonesian fellow blogger, Andudei from Doodle and Denim Jeans drew a lovely illustration of me from my Tinted Rose post in his blog, click here to head over there. Thank you, A! 

p.s - Follow my Twitter updates and find out what my numerously mentioned busyness is about!

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Busy busy! I should not be blogging right now given my current workload but I just have to exhibit my new little puppy we just adopted. (So I figured why not share with you a few of my currently favorite things anyway?) 

#1 - My still favorite top from Pile of Thread 
#2 - Ultimate go-to pants from Très Chic by Priscilla Elizabeth
#3 - Also go-to sandals discovered during my last Japan trip
#4 - ... The name's London!

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