ivory shirt by oneandahalf // wilderness jacket by Ungaro at Farfetch // clutch from Stradivarius // booties by BloopEndorse

I have a thing for 50 shades of white. When invited to the opening of GOODS Dept. in Pacific Place and on a store tour therein, I purchased an ivory shirt from OneAndAHalf, the best decisions I made that day. Looking not over the top is one of my favorite things to do, besides looking over the top for certain events. Hence the perfect go-to shirt, casual at first glance with cute layer twist on the back. Nice touch! Thought I'd snap a photo of the rest of the ensemble on a cupboard where my mom displays the homey pretty stuffs; Hollandaise ceramic shoe figure, my sister's graduation photo, cute little pink flowers, and Japanese wine.

Some days I spend being busy with work and school and meetings, some others on hangouts and fun social get togethers. But as the year approaches its end, the supposedly seized days felt wasted instead as I have not being working on my thesis! Gee, seriously now, where has all my graduation spirit gone and how do I get it back?

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Jersey-like shirt from SEED // gold skirt by Pull & Bear // Converse sneakers

Another public secret of mine is my zero skill in sports due to my probably futile motor nerves. The farthest I get in sports was the minimum exercise mandatory in sports classes in high school, and the only thing I enjoyed during those classes were frankly sitting on the sidelines watching the guys play ball. But hey, if the elements of sports can be channeled onto fashion, wouldn't that be the next best thing? For some reasons I am so into this emerging trend, sporty elements with jerseys and sporty looks. Clearly my brother's closet is subject to my raids in the future!

p.s. - Worry not, I impel myself to do some running and gymnastic exercises every now and then :)

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inner lace from Body & Soul // leather shorts from Topshop // necklace from F21

I have been dressing girly for as long as I could remember, but the other day I felt like diverting to something un-me-like. I decided to channel my rock chic side but still maintain that girly vibe I can't seem to exile even for a second. Obviously not today's outfit, as today I went to a meeting - cancellation of which was not made aware to me until I waited 30 minutes in the conference room where we were supposed to meet. The day got worse... not gonna tell 'em here though as I believe in diffusing only positive energy on the blog, but bottomline, I had a rough morning.

But I perk up on other people's joy, so just the perfect evening to announce the winner of Laurence King's giveaway of 100 Years of Fashion Book. Thanks to everyone who joined, I and Laurence King Publishing team appreciate your enthusiastic participations, but True Random Generator decided that the worthwhile book goes to... CARMEN BAUSTERT from Clothes and Camera. Please e-mail me to redeem your prize!

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Cropped top from Auburn & Ginger // Purple slit skirt from Red Cherry // black bag from The Bag Line

Prolly the most fun part of today is picking out what to wear. After staring at my wardrobe for a few minutes, I found myself combining a sponsored top with a sponsored skirt and a sponsored bag. I might have to do a thanksgiving post this time around and really extend my gratitude to my amazing sponsors!

Having shopped and gifted so many clothes, I recently lust for shoes and bags. I have grown to believe that quality is key when it comes to shoes and bags, thus the picky attitude, thus the problem of finding the perfect pair or piece. Whilst two pairs of heart-thumping shoes have been purchased last week, I have not been as lucky with bags... until I checked my inbox and came across a mail from House of Fraser!

What a girl needs these days is a one stop shopping site where every single items are guaranteed of their quality and every single customer is valued. House of Fraser offers hundreds of items from any category you can think of; Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, Kids Clothing, even Furniture and Electricals. The designer handbags section is by far the most conveniently pleasing. Imagine saving so much time from the vain store-to-store hunting... oh how do you like my 8 picks from the first page alone? Boy it's hard to decide which one to get! View more designer bags like these from House of Fraser.

p.s. - Thanks for those who participated in the book giveaway! Stay tuned for winner announcement (and another giveaway!)

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My, my. It is public knowledge that my immune system is as weak as a new-born baby, especially towards flu and cough viruses. Regular taking of meds has not been much of a help. So these days I have been on a bed-rest, which made me really appreciate my time home, but girl has been keeping up with her work and social calendar as well up to the extent this illness allows.

This post features my new slit skirt from Red Cherry. Don't you think the purple color is just the perfect alternative for the trending burgundy this season? Definitely going to be wearing this skirt more often for hang-outs. Visit Red Cherry's insta account (@shop_redcherry) / twitter (@shop_redcherry, here) / website (click here) for many more lovely basics!

p.s - Do you know that when I do not take my outfit pictures in blog-worthy quality, I usually snap a quick pic and tweet it instead? So follow me (@wynneprasetyo) here!

p.s.s - Have you entered the giveaway of "100 Years of Fashion" book? Click here.

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For some reason, I love going to weddings. Be it one of my relatives, or anyone's my family is invited to. The problem with small weddings (two of the kind I attended last Sunday) is how to dress appropriately with balanced fabulosity, not too haute and not too dressed-down. A bold choice I made then was to wear an unbranded dress I got while initially window-shopping for the December issue of the magazine I work at. I think it is fair to say that the dress was indeed the perfect pick.

p.s. - Have you entered the Laurence King x FGC book giveaway? HERE

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