shirt dress by Auburn & Ginger // tropical jacket by Ungaro at Farfetch // clutch by Stradivarius // Nine West sandals

Of all the gifts Auburn & Ginger got me, this is unquestionably my utmost favorite. A salmon colored shirt dress whose design flatters my figure and hue compliments my complexion. With all confidence I wore it with my tropical jacket and similarly colored clutch. Definitely one of the outfits I am so content to have pulled off.

Lately I've been asking my friends where they want to work after finishing school? That, and followed by where they want to spend the rest of their elderly lives until they die? Every answers are unique as they come with certain philosophies that tell you a lot about how those people perceive life and the place they're born and bred in.

Asking the question to myself, I definitely want to work in Jakarta, Indonesia. There's something about my birth city that I so much adore, something about my birth country that I treasure. I realized this upon arriving back home from my little trip to Japan last year, how Jakarta's traffic often gets the best of me, yet weirdly I miss driving around town with all the traffic that feels most like Jakarta. People who were not born here may despise the city's overcrowding (or so I been hearing), and even some of those who were might think I'm crazy, but guilty as charged - I love this city that much.

Nonetheless, come the day of my retirement, I would get a kick out of traveling the world and spend my elderly days in one of the places I consider most breathtaking. Setting foot on every corners of planet earth is the ultimate thing to do before I die. My life would have been dedicated for my birth country, I would have given all there is, and I shall satisfy my soul by fulfilling that ultimate goal of mine.

Tell me what you think; where do you want to work after graduating school and where do you want to spend your elderly days?

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Auburn & Ginger black batwing shirt // pants by Trรจs Chic by Priscilla Elizabeth // sandals by Nine West

The most recent highlight in my life was Swedish House Mafia rocking Jakarta. Electronic dance music has always been my thing; it jolts my brain in the morning and gives me a peace of mind at night. You know how every artist may produce similarly sounding music but in fact the elements of the music differ by each artist's signature? Now Swedish House Mafia's music is the perfect combination of my most relished elements of electronic dance music, and no words could ever describe how effin' awesome that night was, especially and in spite of the storm and muddy ground.

I remember stating "you can never go wrong with black" in my early days of blogging. Consider this post a restatement then, with a black knotted batwing shirt from the one and only Auburn & Ginger. Amazing how it would match all of my pants and skirts, and how I could do my hair in any way and it would still compliment the shirt. Well done, Auburn & Ginger.

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skirt from Auburn & Ginger // clutch by Milcah

I was so happy to receive a beautiful blue skirt from Auburn & Ginger, I immediately felt like playing Cinderella with super feminine outfit. The perfect skirt to go on dates or even semi formal meetings if you wear it right! Super excited at the fact that this is not the only present I got from them, so stay tuned to see my other new-ins!

Enough said, January is a crazy month for me, in both good and bad ways. Bring it on 2013!

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ivory dress by Mango // heels by Nine West

Despite almost graduating and soon to be working, I enjoy dressing up like seventeen forever. 90% of my wardrobe are youthful pieces that would make your outfit feel air-thin and are definitely not suitable for office styling. One of the few office-formal dresses I am fond of is this ivory Mango dress that covers my silhouette and produces a neat look. 

So I was thrilled when Matches Fashion invited me to surf their website, they have vast collection of fab-fashion - both menswear and womenswear! The designers their feature are most of my favorites, no wonder the pieces are edgy and trend-setting. I find their website very fulfilling in terms of shopping and informative in terms of trends. Moreover, they dedicate a tab to holiday shops, which I find fantastic to shop for gifts for my surfer boyfriend (he's professionally a lawyer but a surfer at heart)! Worldwide shipping, periodical sales, user-friendly website, and amiable staffs... I just fall in love with you, Matches Fashion. If you don't believe me, pay a visit yourself, simply click here!

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Dress by Body and Soul // pumps by Zara

Crunch time! The deadline for my thesis is coming up and all I've been doing is.. everything but that. I'm definitely dedicating tomorrow to complete it to scrutinizing details!

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pants from Bershka // sandals from Nine West // necklace from Stradivarius // clutch by Manikan

How has 2013 been for you guys? My days have been well-spent, even staying home and relaxing felt fulfilling and well deserved. The many presents from sponsors which amount to an awesome highlight amid the new year's kickoff. I hope things have been as fantastic for everybody too!

Indonesia is known for its diversity, something we've been taught immensely since pre-school. I've grown to love the multi-culture products of the country, something between the originality and the adaptation to the modern world I find vastly awe-inspiring. I am recently acquainted with Manikan (website / facebooktwitter), a local line who produces fashion with authentic Balinese fabric and pattern that they call Endek. Underneath its 'simply unique' tagline, I see exoticism and modern art. The clutch they gave me is not only of a size that's just right, it has excellent quality and peculiar style. Consider me a fan.

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