Aside from fashion and music, another form of art I have always admired is movies. Has it ever occurred to you how singers may sing and poets may write, but a movie is the combination of sound, expression, words, visual, and everything else in between. A cleverly written plot is key to my kind of awesome movie - one that gives you A LOT to think about after you watch it. That's how you know when a movie has changed your life.

A cousin of mine works in the entertainment industry, I am thus quite familiar with the business in Indonesia. I would say that the industry has kept level with progressing modernization and development up to today. Acting talents have mushroomed and contributed to the strengthening of the industry. One shameful thing, in my opinion, is how some people today do not make film for the sake of art but monetary profits, I believe I do not have to elaborate on this point as presumably most of you Indonesians feel similarly. But thankful we must be for the survival of Indonesia's truly apt movie makers and directors with their unwavering success of releasing local movies with qualities. A currently rising name in this regard is Nia Dinata.

One of Nia's most recent works is a short movie titled The Scent of Passion (featuring Artika Sari Devi, Edward Gunawan, and Aimee Saras) which you can watch by clicking the play button below. English subtitles provided.

Nia Dinata is known for, among others, her ability to project real life dynamics in her works while maintaining the quality of each scene and every movement. The Scent of Passion is very relatable to Indonesians youth in respect of the projection of relationship, friendship, and lifestyle. When you reach the end of the video, you would notice Nia Dinata's teaser quote of her next movie. I have been sharing the good news via Twitter as well, that her upcoming project - which is scheduled to release March 2013 - will be a huge breakthrough in Indonesia's movie industry. A genre that has never been spotlighted before: fashion. I know I and some people who respond to my tweets are looking forward to this first Indonesian fashion movie. 

There are no doubts that Indonesia, being one of the most populated country, is full of talented human resources. I have high hopes for the continuous improvement of our entertainment industry, I always have. Salute to Teh Nia Dinata for going against the mainstream and give Indonesia's fashion people something to look forward to.

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Zara sweater // F21 maroon bandage skirt // Charles&Keith wedges // bag by Kate Spade

I have nothing much to say today but that in view of the beginning of my employment on March 1st, I plan to spend the remaining days of February as super as possible. I am very excited to start working but even after completing my thesis defense I still have abundant things to do everyday! It's crazy how much there is on my plate right now. But the wonderful things that keep happening in my life, those are one of my drives. Come what may!

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Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 has ended and really lived up to its tagline: The biggest  fashion movement! Grateful I am to have been invited to Auguste Soeastro show presented by Downy Indonesia, especially to have been granted access to the backstage! It was my first time experience being backstage at such a prestigious show. All the backstage scenes I usually see on TV were right in front of my eyes - the freakishly tall and gorgeous models, the quirky yet super talented designer, the creative make up artists and hair stylists, the hectic yet productive staffs... all work together to produce a successfully fantastic show.

And there's the magic! Auguste Soesastro's work was inspired, an hour exhibition of most admirable trends and high fashion. The collection wowed me with its take on winter fashion which projects innocence in each outfit and altogether, by using plain cloth and folksy style and bringing in extravagance. It was easy for me to relate to such innocence as that is what in my opinion keeps women.. well, women. I am so glad to be a part of such an amusing event!

I picked up a few easy trends from the Auguste Soesastro's show: ikat, fuschia-grey combination, and drape cloth as opposed to layer-y for winter. I came up with this outfit not long after that, which presumably is inspired by those trends. I reckon fuschia is my new mania this time around... I admire how it projects passion and attraction naturally.

My grandmother - the only one left from both my parents - passed away last Saturday morning. Funny how I learned a very interesting fact about her life only a couple of days before she had her last breath. That fact made all my problems look small and my achievements unworthy.. she's such a role model I never realized I had. Though we never said this much, we love you Grandma. 

p.s. - Wynne Prasetyo is officially a bachelor of law!
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ikat shirt by Devotee Co
Don't get me wrong. I love being a woman and all the privileges that come with it, but it is hard being one. Women are created with all these hormones which make us emotional, too emotional at times. It is not easy surviving storms in life with that, which means we have to strive twice as hard to stay strong. Some women, consciously or unconsciously, become dependent on men because of this - but that is surely not the way I wanna live by. To reiterate, I love being a woman and all the privileges that come with it... and I am doing everything in my power to stay strong, be stronger, and win out over life.

I made time today to groom London my dog and to snap a couple of pictures wearing my new skirt from Devotee Co. When I go shopping I tend to fall for shorts and short skirts, so this knee-length ikat skirt is definitely a keeper. The rubber around the waist keeps the skirt on perfect fit, which allows you to wear it with anything and make you look like wearing a dress. Just what I needed. 

Oh Devotee Co's sale of the season is ending tomorrow! Last chance to get their stuffs with up to 50% off price. Head over their Facebook or Berrybenka tab now.

Lastly, congratulations to Dyah Fajarini for winning the Grand Prize of O2B giveaway! As for the shopping vouchers, the two winners are picked out by Random Number Generator as the number of entries which exceeded 1.000 made it impossible for me to select the winners with a different method. So thank you all participants, but the rightful winners of the IDR 200.000 shopping vouchers are Meitha Siregar and Sidhy Purbantoro! Check your emails tonight.

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shirt by Devotee Co // dress with tulle skirt by Self.ish // Converse sneakers // bracelet from Nash Closet

Fashion today is as liberal as it never was. It allows you to project your personality and showcase your thoughts in the simplest way possible. These days there are less rules on what to wear and what to wear it with. One can really put on anything with another thing which, if pulled off 10 years ago, might be a hideous combination - but today, a personal work of art. Fashionably speaking, freedom of expression at its best.

I could not help but think that when putting together this outfit: a semi Hawaiian shirt (gifted by Devotee Co) over a dress with tulle skirt. And a pair of sneakers. Wear this in my mom's generation and you would be the laugh of the town. In contrast, I felt so good wearing this today as it captures all my mood; something fun, something sweet, something energetic and active.

Devotee Co is holding an up to 50% sale until February 12! Check out their Facebook page or tab in Berrybenka.

A fashion showcase colored up the southern region Jakarta last weekend; Next Level Indonesia. From, for, and by Indonesian youth. Honored I was to be invited, and my attendance signifies my sincere celebration of Indonesia's fashion industry. Cheers to the youths whom Indonesia should be proud of! For more photos of the fashion show, refer to my Facebook here.
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pearly top by Red Cherry

In the attempt to take my mind off things a while, I went on a late lunch plus tea time with the girls. What can I say, nothing like spending time with the people your heart connects with most. Dressing up to the occasion, I pulled out the pretty pearly top from Red Cherry and super comfortable skirt and sandals. Oh yes.

The older you get, the bigger the problems life throws at you. Some people complain about the never ending bumps on the road of life, they can't see while claiming their take on life pivots on how wonderful and trouble-free life should be, they're closing their eyes to the reality of life... the very point of life itself. Like it or not, life IS supposed to be with problems, one after another. After all, what matures you and makes you a bigger person is not the happiness, but those punch-in-the-faces life gives you. I can't deny complaining is human nature, but not everyone keeps it at the point where complaining is merely expression of emotion to blow off steam. When your complaints drive you, instead of the other way around, you're headed to the doom. So keep your mind open and when trouble comes your way, stand up tall and look it in the eye and say "Come at me!"

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