ikat shirt by Devotee Co
Don't get me wrong. I love being a woman and all the privileges that come with it, but it is hard being one. Women are created with all these hormones which make us emotional, too emotional at times. It is not easy surviving storms in life with that, which means we have to strive twice as hard to stay strong. Some women, consciously or unconsciously, become dependent on men because of this - but that is surely not the way I wanna live by. To reiterate, I love being a woman and all the privileges that come with it... and I am doing everything in my power to stay strong, be stronger, and win out over life.

I made time today to groom London my dog and to snap a couple of pictures wearing my new skirt from Devotee Co. When I go shopping I tend to fall for shorts and short skirts, so this knee-length ikat skirt is definitely a keeper. The rubber around the waist keeps the skirt on perfect fit, which allows you to wear it with anything and make you look like wearing a dress. Just what I needed. 

Oh Devotee Co's sale of the season is ending tomorrow! Last chance to get their stuffs with up to 50% off price. Head over their Facebook or Berrybenka tab now.

Lastly, congratulations to Dyah Fajarini for winning the Grand Prize of O2B giveaway! As for the shopping vouchers, the two winners are picked out by Random Number Generator as the number of entries which exceeded 1.000 made it impossible for me to select the winners with a different method. So thank you all participants, but the rightful winners of the IDR 200.000 shopping vouchers are Meitha Siregar and Sidhy Purbantoro! Check your emails tonight.

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  1. super love your top kak Wynne ❤
    and congrats for the winners :D

  2. I agree! women and their hormones!
    Anyway, I wish you are okay, you seemed like going through sth over there.
    But still looking pretty in the boingy skirt. LOL
    love your style kak!

    stay pretty!

  3. You look lovely!! Super pretty outfit Wynne:) Xx

  4. nice details on the back :)


  5. my favorite blogger with beautiful smile and hair :) pretty as always!

  6. absolutely agree with your words. and your skirt is too lovely<333 i wish you post pics with london here!

  7. Ha, so true. Being a woman can be tough at times!
    But hey, we get some awesome clothes to wear. Like this skirt - omg, this skirt is just gorgeous on you! Love it <3

    Enter to win a $40 voucher to Indressme!
    Trendy Teal

  8. Nice clor combination. Love it :)


  9. Pretty!! And I love the skirt so much! <3

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  10. at least we have more reasons to go shopping more than men! lol
    anyway, love the skirt :)


  11. This is such a cute look, especially the skirt :D


  12. That's such a nice skirt!


  13. I love the skirt, it is really gorgeous. I also agree with what you wrote. I am way to emotional, emotions and thoughts consuming my mind all day. That is what I hate the most. I wish it could be more simple.

  14. love the skirt! you look pretty :)
    woman style is fits to you...
    xo, I

  15. surely feels proud to be an independent woman after reading your post
    love your top..just the right thing to pair with that equally gorgeous skirt

  16. unique top;)


  17. lovely ikat skirt! and i do agree it's hard being a woman. not just that we get to have period every month ( which is really painful to me ), i feel like we're not as free as the guys in taking decisions or actions :(


  18. I really like her skirt, model and unique motive. That motif 'Ikat' which is a unique motif of Indonesia is not it? Heheh. Funny Devotee Co products.
    You can shop here love to stuff-stuff that fits your style

    Cizzyus Connection
    Keep shopping with Cizzyus

  19. as always you are amazing !!!
    new post

  20. amazing outfit! it looks so lovely :)


  21. your look is very colorful and playful! Very unique skirt.. :)


  22. i loove your skirt ! you look gorgeous !


  23. I love your outfit! Nice blog ;)
    Shall we follow each other?

  24. Hello Dear :) .
    Great blog. Interesting post.
    Have a nice weekend.
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  25. you look so classy and beautiful

    checkout my newest post :

  26. idk if I would agree that women are overemotional. in my opinion, there are also dependant men out there and what i think it comes down is how much people grow up as adults. i agree that due to inequalities still present between both genders, women have to be stronger than expected.

    i am glad to have stumbled across your blog and hope you dont mind my opinion.

    on a less serious note, i love that skirt and how it makes that tank look like a dress!


  27. That skirt is amazing on you, what a fun print!

  28. I love the extra straps at the back of your top, it really makes the piece unique. Sometimes I do wonder what being a man in this society would feel like, but I think the benefits of being a woman still outweigh it ;)

  29. This skirt is so beautiful! Love the photos, you have such a cute smile! :)

  30. Your smile is definitely too pretty!

    Hannie from Poland

    PS. Wynne, check Your mailbox! :)

  31. cute skirt, you look pretty! and well written, youre right sometimes i hate being too emotional and sensitive in front of people D;

    Letters To Juliet

  32. Damn, i missed it, the sale season is over now, the skirt you are wearing is amazing, would love to get it for my younger sister.

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