dress by Kiwi Wardrobe // headband or necklace by Adore Webstore // shoes by Nine West

Happy Good Friday everyone! Oh it's almost April. I remember the April some years ago all the final year girls were busy flipping the pages of fashion magazine and window shopping for a dress that would be the ultimate prom dress. Good times :) Back in the days I was financially limited probably compared to other girls at my school, so I know how it felt like to want to look smashing for your biggest night of highschool and still save some digits in your bank account. Which is why I'd love to share a place where you can find cheap prom dresses 2013 under $200 and other fashion dresses for cheap: the eFox City!

Take some time to surf eFox City's site, with such vast variation of dresses you're bound to find at least one dress that just has to be in your closet... or at the very minimum, some inspirations. :) Moreover, for adult girls whose next big party after prom is their upcoming wedding, indulge yourself in the pile of wedding dresses 2013 they have. eFox City does not disappoint.

On a side note, I received a pretty headband yesterday from Adore Webstore. The headbands I wore in my previously posted outfits were mostly not an actual headband, they are scarves which I tied up around my head, so it's nice to own an actual headband. Adore Webstore is where you can customize your headband, choose a design you like and have it handmade in your favorite color combination. Mine here is a yellow-grey-maroon mix. The best thing is not only can it be worn as a bold head beautifier, but also as a necklace! Yay to versatile pieces and thank you Adore Webstore!

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cardigan by Zara // pumps by Bebe

I am crazy about dresses and the world should know that, if they haven’t already. Most of the stuffs my mom used to buy me are dresses and very rarely do I give them away, I like to retain them due to my firm opinion that although the style or color of a dress may go out of trend, it will always cycle back into trend in the future. Dresses embody classic beauty and celebrate femininity like no other fashion items do. It’s something all women should cherish, heck maybe some time in the future men’s fashion would start featuring dresses too!

I came across this pretty website called Fever Design that I would really love to share with my readers because I felt like I want every single thing that they have! I fell in love with their superb collection of dresses, but they’re perfect because they have awesome collection of every other thing too like tops, sweaters, accessories, etc. For real, how can you not fall in love with these:

Head over to their website (here) and explore the full collection. Style and quality guaranteed, all you gotta do is enjoy shopping and have your picks delivered right to your door!
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Irrespective of age, half the people in the world does not have the ability to open their minds and swallow life's bittersweet reality and be grateful to be a part of it. It is human nature to make their own selves the centre of their world, but it takes maturity to be able to accept that there are other people playing their own roles in the world and that ours is barely any weightier or more significant than the others. Self-centeredness was exactly what encourages me to always humble myself, because everybody is as self-centered as everybody else but before the Almighty we are all nothing and the same. Just because you do not live the life of other people, does not mean they do not prevail and their lives are irrelevant. 

Which is why I fell crazy in love with the finally released Indonesia's fashion movie by Nia Dinata! The story is framed upon a series of events in the fashion industry, involving at least three admirable personalities; Mika (the passionate underdog runway choreographer), Naira (the innocent apprentice designer), and Jelita (the timelessly attractive model). The movie projects each woman's take in the whole story which makes it interesting as you can only complete the puzzle of the movie by watching all three and placing yourself in the shoes of these three women in turns. 

You can access the outtakes and interviews of Runway Dreams movie at Downy's Youtube page here

I personally relate to Mika as a young woman with ambitions and determination to realize them, but I can't help but also relate to Jelita as a figure with influential attraction who maintains outer beauty as much as the inner. Overall, the choices of characters by Nia Dinata are interesting especially in view of my current life phase where people start pursuing their dreams and persevering their achievements. Would you agree? Who do you relate to the most and why?

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dress by FlorieStyle // Charles & Keith quilted purse // pumps by Bebe

To be honest I am not obsessed with fashion. I am obsessed with looking good. 

I had this realization as fashion these days get bolder and weirded and as much as I love it I love it because I love art. But when fashion makes you attractive that what I cannot take my eyes or mind off.    That's why it's good to know yourself and channel your personality through your looks. As much as a cover should not be used to judge a book, the existence of first impression is undeniable and the ability of fashion/look to tell things about you is unmistakable. Attractiveness makes women glow in the most amazing ways!
Thank you FlorieStyle for the cupcake sweet dress! Upon receiving this dress I wore it the first chance I got which is to a casual birthday lunch with my family. FlorieStyle is worth checking out, and regularly too for they hold giveaways monthly! Don't miss out on this month's giveaway!

SPOILER ALERT! The soon releasing Indonesia's first fashion movie that I have been buzzing about is almost here. Nia Dinata's sequel of The Scent of Passion this time is presented by Downy Indonesia and titled Runway Dreams, starring three ladies whose personalities project real life women: one whose passion inspires, another whose attraction turns heads, and another whose innocent pursuit of dreams keeps her going. The reason this movie delights me is because I can relate to the three personalities, it's very real and you see it in women everywhere on this planet. Exciting does not describe the suspense I bear counting the days of this movie's release on Downy Indonesia's Youtube page (here) ! In the mean time, stay tuned on my Twitter for updates!
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jacket from Freestyle Xtreme

The jacket that everybody wears. This jacket has become so trendy that it goes with every single thing you have in your closet, that it draws the spotlight right at you, and that everybody feels like they have to have one right now. Need I remind my readers that when it comes to jackets (and bags and shoes) you don't buy just style, you buy quality as well. You do not want a jacket that looks ultra cool but makes you sweat all over after wearing it for only 10 minutes, nor a jacket that people compliment but causes you itches all over your skin. Carefully consider the material and quality of the item you are about to buy, if you have no clue which material is nice and which is not, consult a friend who might know better. 

Alternatively, allow me to introduce a site where you can easily browse a million of brands - all with fine quality material, Freestyle Xtreme. Sport/adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies must love this website where the fashion and equipments of your activities are just a click away. This does not eliminate the possibility for other people to enjoy shopping at Freestyle Xtreme though, as with good eyes for good stuffs you will be able to spot a treasure - just like how I managed to make this awesome jacket mine now! Definitely loving how great it fits and how comforting it feels.

March is my month! Despite some downfalls, I am excited for all the good things happening this Month. In light of my upcoming birthday, I'd like to share a PROMOCODE to my readers. If you shop at Dreulona for at least IDR 400.000, simply utter "WYNNE" and get IDR 50.000 reduction. More info on the cute little dresses on my next post! In the mean time, the promo code is valid throughout the month. Shop away!

p.s. - I technically work three jobs now. Gotta figure things out asap!

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