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I realize that my posts have always contained heavy thought texts.. well I'll keep it low this time by just catching up with everybody and letting you know what's up at this point of my life. Remember I mentioned about working three jobs? I let go of one due to inability to keep up. What's quantity in the face of quality? So now I have one main full time job in a law firm and another freelance job in a fashion magazine, which have been keeping me handful all month and likewise the months ahead. My actual graduation is coming this Saturday (May 4), at this point I don't think I am as thrilled as I should be, but I'm sure the excitement will get there in time.

But I'm liking this new phase I am in right now. Although people say high school is the best time of your life, and I used to say college is the best time of your life... I believe your current state is the best time of your life. So cheers to now!

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black blouse by Stradivarius // black velvet shorts from Allure Room

Living isn't easy. All we want is that happily ever after plot but nobody knows which way to go on to arrive at that destination. That's why people change, their behaviors change, their likings change, their thoughts change. But what's after happily ever after? We eventually leave everything we have in this world, who knows what's up next, but even the happily ever after ends at some point, despite the life long pursuit. *sigh* 

Anyway I gotta thank Dea from Allure Room for sending me these shorts! I super love the black velvet and the gold features. How did you know my measurements? *grins* Trends are shifting so fast lately! Whites have begun to dominate the market for a while but somehow I am still stuck in love with the gold department.

Speaking of golds, everybody loves a good cause, don't we? At Warby Parker you can find modern retro eyewears, spend reasonably, and look smart and edgy. Teaser below:

"Our new collection translates interwar glamour into a wearable future. Each of the three new frames comes with a sunglasses version, and all feature dramatic details in custom acetate and lightweight stainless steel. The 1922 Collection frames go as well with pearls as they do with your best Tin Pan Alley moves. As they say: living well is the best revenge."

Warby Parker has a 'Buy a Pair, Give a Pair' policy which is genius. For every pair purchased, they give a pair to anyone in need. 

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owl sweater gifted by Gill // Zara cream trousers // Stradivarius clutch

My life has been crazy. Lately I have been euphoric keeping up with the crazy life ride going on full speed, and in the same time being held down by idleness eating me up inside every morning that I wake up to. Oh as much as we have control over our lives, we don't. It's overwhelming the amount and intensity of revelations I've been having. Endless questions about human and life and what brings everything together in place. With all the joy giving hope to the clueless human race and the despair taking it away from unrelenting souls... everything in my mind goes back to one question: what are we humans doing living such life? What are we here for? Not individually, but collectively as a human race, so-called creations of God, what is such creation existent for?

Too heavy a thought for a fashion blog, yes pardon me. 

Well on a side note, as opposed to my previous entry I know work two jobs. It's mad as a March hare keeping up with these two jobs while maintaining a fulfilling social life and an adequate me-time. I recall my younger self thinking that the definition of success is having a balanced life, all financial, religious, social, romance, etc. Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

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