dress by Leony Evelyn // clutch by MILCAH // shoes by Charles & Keith

"A strong woman feels sad and disappointed too, but she does not let it drag on." I tweeted this out this morning. Every morning I make a little time to enjoy my bread and coffee and read what people posted on their social profiles the night before. Not that I like stalking, but reading about what people have been up to or are going through keeps my feet on the ground and my soul reflecting. That sentence captures a notion that I have born in mind for some time now. I hope it brings goodness to one or two souls who read it.

As promised, the dress I wore to last night's dinner. Crediting the designer here, Leony Evelyn. Very nice of them to alter some of their dresses to fit my size and look how flattering one of them turns out. I am proud to be wearing an authentic design of Indonesian's young designer. :) 

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Frightened Rabbit - Acts of Man


polka-dot shirt by The Executive // polka-dot pants and blazer from a vintage yard sale // quilted purse from Charles & Keith // shoes by F21

The other morning I was driving to the office and on the phone with D when suddenly what felt like a breathe of fresh air came over me and my mind was stormed with all the wonderful things in my life that I am grateful about. Just about every aspect of my life is awesome and has been that way for some time now. Of course bad things occurred, but a setback only makes me even more thankful for what I have. Sometimes it doesn't take a long meditation to reflect and find in your heart to thank God for your life, does it.

The outfit, on a separate note, is not my ootd. It is what I wore some time last week for a casual tea day (challenging the versatility of my casual office attire shirt), which I though may inspire you for a light Saturday night hang. Floral clothes have been on the top rank of women's favourite feminine motif, why not shake it up with some retro dots? In the mean time, I have a dress ready to wear for a catch up dinner tonight so photos will come soon. I may ('ll try too) be posting it on Facebook tonight and tag the designer if you'd like a teaser. Ta-ta!

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deflated dress by Choies // office bag by Zara // heels by Nine West

I used to wonder why roads are heavily jammed on Saturdays but awfully the contrary on Sundays.The answer that since Sunday is right before Monday, people just wanna spend time home and relax and not do anything. I used to argue however as both are day offs and people must want to go out! Well, I never appreciated day offs until I experienced the 'day ons'. Staying home is underrated. Especially in this town where I live. There are so many indulging entertainment and luxury in and all over the heart of Jakarta tempting you to not waste a day missing out on the city lights and the music delighting your dinner and the sounds of walking heels step by step in confident tempo and the good therapeutic laugh all that vibe is offering you. Sometimes I just wish I could split myself in two, so that I could in the same time give myself the rest I very much deserve.

But all those thoughts always come back to the spirit of living up to your youth soul. So when it comes down to taking pleasure in a night out and resting in, nine out of ten times I would put on something pretty and go.

Speaking of something pretty, I am completely in love with this dress from Choies that just arrived home sweet home a couple days ago. It's a unique addition to my wardrobe where most little dresses are either tight or frocks. I love its deliberate oversizing effect, I just wish I had better shoes to wear it with. But this gift is just perfect! Head over Choies for a million more dresses to fall head over heels for!

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deep sea dress by Dorothy Perkins // pumps by Zara

We all have our preference of stores when looking for a certain wardrobe theme, some stores are for party dresses, some are for work. Some others are just your absolute favorite that you visit them whatever you're looking for, or when you're not even looking for anything. Dorothy Perkins has always been one of those stores that are my favorite (because of their accommodating range of size), but most of my visits have been during a work attire hunt. Never realized how much their non-work collection would sting me until they dropped me an email containing a privilege of getting one of their dresses for free.

The ocean blue dress was on the first page and I didn't bother looking to the next pages. I knew at first glance this had to be mine... and now it is! The home balcony backdrop of these photos certainly did not do the dress justice, but I have got an event in my schedule this month which would be perfect to wear this to. And I'll make sure to snap more pictures of it.

So thank you Dorothy Perkins UK Team for the absolutely breathtaking present, and Dorothy Perkins Indonesia Team for the hospitable assistance during my visits. I'm a big fan!

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