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1. Pet love
2. My relationship with D has turned 28 months last Thursday :)
3. Racks full of the books which looked like they were written a zillion years ago at Universitas Indonesia library.
4. Sulking over the hard truth that I don't have enough space.
5. My favorite summer sandals which were broken but someone fixed without me knowing. Thanks whoever that is and woohoo!
6. "Nothing grips like Grisham."
7. Every Saturday afternoon: quality time with London.
8. Easy pretty.

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baby pink dress by CottonCandyID // sandals by Nine West

Does anyone recall the fashion movie by Downy I recently shared on my blog? I was replaying the Innocence episode last weekend and somehow got inspired by it. It relates with D's taste in women, the girl next door thing. For me personally the definition of girl next door is somewhat modernised. It features the ability of a woman with girl next door look to wear trends, no matter how quirky, and still maintain that girl next door vibe to her aura. (Wow, so many girl next doors in one paragraph)

This baby pink dress is one of my most recent additions to the rack. It is plain and light, reminds me much of how classic dresses used to be without the clashing colours and crazy prints that are now in trend. A very innocent dress it may be. Mom mentioned something about this looking like barbie dress, would you agree? I remember a decade ago dressing up my barbies with super girly dresses so may be she got that right. Finally. I enjoyed channeling my childhood portrayal of a lady with this dress, wearing it one too many times will be a guilty pleasure of mine.

This post is powered by the collaboration of Fashion Geek's Closet and Downy Indonesia.

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shirt from D // Nine West sandals // Kate Spade bag

"Live a fulfilling life, do not settle for less." I guess those are my new words to live by. Previously my magic words were "go the extra mile" - it motivates me at work and in general. Do you have magic words? What are they?

GIVEAWAY TIME, PEOPLE! This time for Indonesians only though, unless you are willing to fly in to attend the show *wink* UI Fashion Week is around the corner, an emerging talent will be showcasing her collection on Friday there, and I have two tickets to VIP seat. One winner to score both tickets!

You can enter via Instagram, via Twitter, or both:

1. Follow them on Instagram (here)
2. You'll find a photo gushing about UI Fashion Week. Repost and like it.
3. Mention @shop_treschic and put hashtag #treschiconUIFW


1. Follow me on Twitter (here)
2. Tweet the promotional photo with the model. 
3. Mention me @wynneprasetyo and put hashtag #treschiconUIFW

...and voila
Instagram and Twitter each counts for 1 entry, however if you do both you'll get 2 entries. You have until Tuesday to do this. Good luck!

p.s. - Follow my Instagram too? Don't worry I will not overuse hashtags ;)

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drop waist dress by Mango // necklace by F21 // sandals by Nine West

While cleaning up my camera memory the other day I stumbled upon this set of outfit photos which were taken so long ago that I forgot whether or not they are up on the blog somewhere. Considering it has been a while since my last original outfit post, sharing these to you tonight (assuming they have never been published before) won't hurt. This dress reminds me of the days back when employment had not commenced, office attire shopping squeezed in between activities and appointments routinely in my daily agenda. One of the reasons it was never-ending was because I always ended up purchasing non-office material clothes, i.e. this dress (go figure). It was unique yet easy, ultra feminine yet chic, and came with gorgeous color choices. To date it, and some other easy dresses in the closet, is my go to dress for light occasions.

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H&M skirt // necklace from D

The more swamped you are, the more superb day you know it was. Yesterday was one for me. I was invited to a seminar by Downy Indonesia and chanced to converse one-on-one with Mrs. Asteria Elanda, the editor in chief of Good Housekeeping magazine. Glowing in sateen blouse and tailored pink skirt, she looked dashing as much as she was inspiring. If you followed my Twitter you'd encounter my quoting of her lines. Adrian Maulana was a guest speaker, I remember seeing him a lot on TV shows back when I was little, good to know that although he no longer appears so much on such shows, he is living an equally fulfilling marriage and life in general.

Immediately afterwards I rushed to the office to get some work done (yes, it's a Saturday, I know). Shouldn't complain about it so much though, I knew what I signed up for and went all in. No regret. And this is not a make believe, I mean it when I say I love my job so much that working weekends does not bother me as it prolly would other people. 

Then I had so much laugh with my homies after that I think the 4 hours dinner and after-hours drinks were the most energy draining activity I did the whole day. Nothing like a friendship where jealousy and selfishness do not exist. Trust me, it's hard to come by these days.

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little white dress by Leony Evelyn // sandals by Nine West

The other dress from Leony Evelyn. Little white dress is precisely what I have been in search of, coming across, and passing on due to trivial details that don't feel right. Like the other dress I wore in my last post, this LWD had been altered to fit my size and it is now perfect. Except maybe for the fact that it is a wee bit shorter than my other dresses (the ones D already complains about for being too short) but in the same time I don't think it would look this good longer. Such a heartthrob material.

This weekend is not my favourite. As if coming to the office on a Saturday is not doomed enough, I did not manage to finish everything today thus now I bring home not only the remaining work, but also the burdening thoughts clouding my weekend. Very much a contrast to last weekend, which posting this outfit reminds me of. I promise myself a big fat payback next week.

Speaking of payback... who's up for some runway for less? (click me!)

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