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The more swamped you are, the more superb day you know it was. Yesterday was one for me. I was invited to a seminar by Downy Indonesia and chanced to converse one-on-one with Mrs. Asteria Elanda, the editor in chief of Good Housekeeping magazine. Glowing in sateen blouse and tailored pink skirt, she looked dashing as much as she was inspiring. If you followed my Twitter you'd encounter my quoting of her lines. Adrian Maulana was a guest speaker, I remember seeing him a lot on TV shows back when I was little, good to know that although he no longer appears so much on such shows, he is living an equally fulfilling marriage and life in general.

Immediately afterwards I rushed to the office to get some work done (yes, it's a Saturday, I know). Shouldn't complain about it so much though, I knew what I signed up for and went all in. No regret. And this is not a make believe, I mean it when I say I love my job so much that working weekends does not bother me as it prolly would other people. 

Then I had so much laugh with my homies after that I think the 4 hours dinner and after-hours drinks were the most energy draining activity I did the whole day. Nothing like a friendship where jealousy and selfishness do not exist. Trust me, it's hard to come by these days.

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  1. nice event :)


  2. You look so pretty and chic! Glad you had a good time at the seminar! :)

  3. ci you look so gorgeous, i really adore your hair teheee! anyways it must be one good seminar ;D

    Letters To Juliet

  4. u look so pretty cii <3 that pink color matches u perfectly! xx


  5. gorgeous girl!


  6. looks like a fun event!
    thanks for your comment! traveling is so much fun. visit again


  7. Hey,

    Nice post.. Would tou like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin..

    Keep in touch,

  8. serasi mbak,sama om adrian maulana :D


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