gifted pink dress // pink shirt from Uniqlo // clutch by Charles & Keith

Love your garments. My idea of keeping my clothes long-lasting includes hanging them properly and ensuring my closet well maintained, and washing clothes with due care and awareness of how to do it. It is not only about rinsing and hanging them to dry, but also setting the right water temperature, using the right fabric softener, and knowing the right duration for each step. Mastering these means laundry does not have to be troublesome. Thankfully my fabric softener helps ease the whole process too, because it is soft and smells awesome, and it does its own magic onto the clothes that I do not have to slave my nails and arm muscles while doing laundry. FYI, the fabric softener I use is Downy Innocence (it comes in other scents as well if you'd like to try).

And the best part is that the scent still lingers the whole day and I actually love the fragrance! Somehow, perfume scent does not linger as long as expected. So this could be the most nausea-curing breakthrough of the year: if my clothes do not retain the scent of eau de parfum, why not make the clothes itself fragrant?

On a side note, I never knew how much your brain, as opposed to your physical activities, can consume all your energy! All I do on weekdays is spend business hours (and overtime hours) in front of the computer and think. And think some more. But everyday it is excruciatingly exhausting and it gets worse the closer it is to Friday. I am staying grateful but oh gosh. Which is why I cherish weekends in a much more appreciative way than ever. I do not intend to let a weekend go without looking good and feeling great, and off I go with either D or my kind of bestest people in the world.

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Weekly Instagram:
1. My Peter Som inspired DIY dress + accessories to furnish.
2. Typical home wear.
3. Red velvet for afternoon snack.
4. After full hair + nails treatment from Dry Me
5. My treasured jacket with unusual floral print, like painted by a toddler.
6. At dinner. Photo with D's baby sister.
7. Illustration by my ultimate favourite fashion house, Lanvin.
8. D from the window.

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psychedelic blouse from Devotee.Co // blazer from CottonCandyID // skirt by Pull&Bear // handbag by Furla // pumps by Zara

I have been looking for a blazer that I can wear to work or otherwise, and recently found one at CottonCandyID. I adore the combination of it being maroon and slightly oversized. What do you think of it?

We wake up, we do our morning routines, we go to school/work, we drive home and chill, we go to sleep. Every single day is a wheel turning full circle. Feelings, which differentiate us from robots, help spice up the monotony with blossoming love, urging laughter, or unavoidable despair. But again, we live such cycle every single day. What is it that we live for? What keeps us going the same way everyday and still be excited for whatever comes next? What is it that we strive for at the end of the road?

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