midi dress by belowcepek.com  //  clutch by Manikan  //  shoes by Dolce and Gabbana

Brainstorming for something to say for a come-back post, I realised how most of my previous posts are reiterations of how crazy life had been. And well, it still is. Looking back to a couple of recent hardships and reminiscing some juvenile wishes I might have uttered during those times, I am thankful that life has taken a great turn for me and put me in the present state in which I am sincerely happy. People say don't get too comfortable, I say why not. It's like laying down on a beach or patio in Santorini with just the perfect intensity of sunlight and intermittent wind and a cool companion to chat over iced teas and finger food. You know holiday's bound to be over soon but would that keep you from making the best out of the ideal day? I suppose not.

Call me classic. I'm a sucker for all things womanly; easy dresses, practical but pretty purses, and quality heels. This B/W dress is courtesy of a newfound Indonesian online retailer dedicated to affordable fashion keys, belowcepek.com. Unique website name which says it all, all their goods are literally below IDR100.000 (that's more or less US$10). Yes, blew my mind too. And you know how I endorse Indonesian-made products, especially when they are brought to a whole new level of modernness and sophistication. Manikan did it again, with their new urban.is.me campaign. I could not be more appreciative of this ethnic PaperLunch clutch they so kindly delivered to my house last week. This I strongly recommend, particularly in light of imminent Christmas (which I'm psyched for!), you might find one or two of their products interesting maybe for Christmas presents? 

music to my ears:
Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better

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