The last day of 2014, time does fly. I am not going to quote or write anything cheesy, all I need to say is that 2014, with all the ups and downs, has truly been wonderful for me. I look forward to 2015. Happy New Year everyone!


You might have heard enough that in my line of work, working full time means literally full time, all day all week. We don’t get off work at 5 PM and when we leave the office we often bring the work home. Working weekends and standing by on call are a part of the job. Ask your lawyer friends, this is what all of us do. I knew what I signed up for when I applied to law firms after my graduation.  Although rants and complaints may come out my mouth at times, I am actually happy to be going down this road.

Why? Because I know this is what I want to do with my life. Because the fact that there is a legal aspect to everything excites me. Because all the reading and more reading enrich my brain. Because every step of how we do what we do offers me so much to learn and that thrills me.

Truth be told, juggling both lawyering work and blogging work is not easy. But I gotta admit, the existence of smart gadget has been very helpful in my attuning to this lifestyle. It helps me get things done when I am not in a place where I best be to get them done. I am not persnickety about my gadget so long as its spec and features suit my needs and its design matches my taste.

My latest gadget crush is SamsungGalaxy Tab S. I covet its simple and slim design and adore how it rests stylishly in my hand when I hold it. Not to mention the sophisticated operating system and user-friendly features that really come in handy for anywhere anytime usage. I recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S for my peers. Experience how SamsungGalaxy Tab S makes your life easier, then you can take pride in being busy and stylish at the same time.


We wear Batik on Friday every week. It isn't mandatory at my workplace but I take pride in wearing Batik on my own initiative. I also like seeing most business people strolling around the business district in various pattern and color of Batik clothing. What's the best Batik outfit have you ever pulled out?

Been doing some reflections lately and some are starting to anchor me down. But we had a prayer and sharing session for a friend of mine who just so recently passed away, and her mother in her speech reminded me of some life values that I have lived by since teenager but recently kind of ignored. Thanks for being such a blessing, Ajie and family :)


Here's a few shots of my outfit yesterday. Frankly I blanked on what to say about it, because my mind is currently overwhelmed by the series of events that occurred today that I am going to talk about instead to let off steam.

Today is a more of a roller-coaster than the past six months have been. Today we celebrated my boyfriend's mom's birthday. With a lovely lunch at a lovely place and a lovely quality time with both of our families, both my stomach and heart were full. Also today, we buried one of my dearest friends. He was such a friendly and genuine person, never had I seen him without a big smile on his face. He was humble, bright, loving, and inspiring. His suddenly passing away marked a huge scar in our hearts, but his being strengthened us and that's how incredibly inspirational he was. So long Ajie, we'll see you on the other side. 


I proved myself years ago that pink and pink wasn't the best combination for me. I guess back then all pink everything was associated tightly with barbies and glam wannabes. Personally I hated it because that's a colour almost every little girl of and around my age seemed to be obsessed with (and I hated anything that everybody for no apparent reason glorified, a trait that sticks with me until now). So glad that the case has changed now. I don't hate the colour as much anymore and actually enjoyed my day covered in all this pink.

On an irrelevant note, lately not a day goes by without me counting days to Christmas! This year end however is not going to be as restful as it was last year. My first months of work, that's in 2013, swamped me. Work piled up everyday, new deadlines were set every other day, but don't get me wrong everything was exciting and every hour spent working was worth the knowledge and experience. And then it all kinda stopped (or I successfully adapted at one point), fewer work everyday, giving me time to breathe and a wonderful year-end break. This year is a contrast. Workload fluctuated but in average remained mild in the first two thirds of 2014. Safe to say after the Presidential election and inauguration, clients kicked off the paused deals and transactions and everyone at the office have been scoring huge hours every day, weekend included. This is not a complaint though. I gotta say it's exciting to wake up everyday, despite the inevitable wish to stop the time and get a bit more sleep, but knowing that you have a big chance of completing many tasks, not to mention all the new information you are bound to acquire thereby. Feels real good to be positive. :)

So the above does not mean this year-end is going to be any less gleeful. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all. Can you feel the north pole breeze in the air yet?


Been a while since I last checked in, now I'm back with a new face for the blog! How do you like it? Things are going well at my end despite a few bumps here and there. I hope they are even better at yours. Good news: Not only will I return with more blog updates in the future, you can also keep track with my regular updates on Clozette Indonesia! I'm still a newbie there, literally still trying to figure out how every tool works there, but I'll definitely be a regular. 

By the by, geez, I almost forgot how therapeutic it is to blog my heart out. :)


So I guess I saw this coming, my job getting in the way of my blogging routine and thus thus the lack of posts these days. Had my passion been in fashion and this whole blogging world I would've probably trashed my social medias with sighs and complaints. But as a matter of fact I stand firm that my work comes first. I do get to maintain my daily dose of fashion by joyfully putting together my work attire everyday and coming up with a scurved away style in my day-offs, which I contently document in my Instagram account. Bottomline: I am loving this life, definitely.

Now that I got around to updating the blog, this outfit seems like just the right set to show off. I got this pretty top from a local clothing line with whom I have variously partnered up for years, Leony Evelyn. Their collections are consistently endearing and unique, makes you come back for more. Check them out, but careful you might just get addicted!


I don't live by "you are what you eat" because I am frankly not that big of a culinary aficionado, but I am a keen and firm believer of "you are what you wear". Clothes have a magic way in connecting your soul, affecting your attitude to adjust with what your clothes are making you look. This time I am wearing all of my favourite stuffs recently, especially those super comfortable sandals from Suiteblanco


Men criticise women for bringing a million things in their bags. I criticise myself for bringing a million things in my bag. It does, however, depend on the size of the bag I am carrying, of course the smaller the bag the less items fit, thus the need to be more selective. Normally I put my stuffs in several mini pouches and put those mini pouches in my large bag, so that finding one thing in there is not such a pain in the butt. But there are times when smaller purse or clutch is more suitable for the event and I have to get rid of the pouches, and in those times these are my essentials.

The snake skin clutch is medium sized and is from Suite Blanco, if you are wondering. It has crawled its way up to being one of my most favourite arm candies.

Come Play With Me

I am a sucker for everything vintage or hippie or somewhat traditional looking. This dress was the first item I fell in love with when raiding Suite Blanco's latest collection. I apologise for the quality of the photos as these were snapped during a very short period between arriving home from an event and rushing out to another. I hope you can get a good look at the pretty crochet details and the floral embroidery. Everytime my helper washes it and puts it back on the hanger in my closet, it is a battle for me to resist wearing it again and putting other stuffs on instead. No kidding.


Quick post before work today. Maxi skirt is one of God's greatest gifts to women - and some men these days! A plain maxi is always a good investment, especially when it has special feature like a side slit or two. This piece I am wearing is from @ghaidashop on Instagram who offers a wide variety of basics to invest in. I chose navy because it is timeless and it goes with every other colour I have in my wardrobe. For my first outfit wearing the skirt, I paired it with white and black, but I do foresee wearing the skirt more often in the future with more daring choices of hue. 

White + Mocha

top, clutch, and sandals from Suiteblanco

Enough said, white is timeless and ever so charming. We wear white to tone down colourful outfit or to inject a good balance of neutral to ease the clashing of two or more hues. But to give white a chance to dominate your outfit exposes its inherent sophistication and class, thereby stealing the spotlight to shine on you and your confidence only. This outfit features a white on white combo with a hint of mocha. I mixed the bohemian top (look at those pretty paisley beads) with a modern design maxi skirt for a unique feminine look and boosted the degree of exoticism of by wearing matching snakeskin clutch and sandals. I felt super.

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