oversized outerwear: Et Cetera // tote bag: Coach // accessories: AldoMango // shoes: Aldo

Just because one does not or cannot have some things they want, doesn't mean life isn't perfect. Because having a perfect life is the combination of all the things you have, the desire to have some other thins you don't, and the appreciation and gratitude for all the things you are and are not. What makes life imperfect to most is not the inability to satisfy the desires to have things, but rather the lack of appreciation and gratitude. I choose to believe that not being able to have some things completes us as human beings. It makes you appreciate what you do have. How you deal with those desires makes you grow. 

Anyway, Valentine's Day is right around the corner - found the perfect gift yet? If you haven't, I'll help you by sharing a friend's valentine's day aid with you. If you have, the more lovely presents the merrier, no? Cute singing and dancing stuffed animals are ready for you to order and your partner to gush about. The seller is a friend of mine so you have my word it's trustworthy. All goods are imported straight from the United States so don't worry about it falling short of a unique gift. For timeliness purposes, Valentine's Day orders are welcome until January 31st, while orders without such specifically tight deadline are more time-flexible. Head to their Instagram account by clicking here (@giftideasindo).

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side slit maxi dress : Gaudi // handbag : Coach // pointy shoes : Nine West // bangle : Aldo // ring-bracelet : Born Pretty

An image of text someone posted on Path a couple of days ago really moved me. You might have read it as well, it says "If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?" I'm not gonna lie and say worldly treats do not come off tempting to me because they really do. But living a fatuous life of superficiality is a tired old game, and maturing should be a process of outgrowing that. Be an overachiever, set outrageous goals for yourself. People say be yourself. I say.. be better than yourself. But most of all, have a big heart and collect as much love and relationships as you can on your way up, so you don't end up lonesome. Like a line to one of my favourite songs says: it's the heart that really matters in the end. 

Speaking of love, if you have been following my updated you would know I was never big on jewelries and accessories. But lately they are all I have been purchasing and I am in desperate need of a jewellery box or something of that sort. Remember the tigress handlet and stone necklace I showed you in my last post? Here I am wearing some of my other new-ins. That adorable gold ring bracelet set is scouted at the Jewelry&Accessories section at Born Pretty

Their crew was so nice they gifted me four pieces of accessories of my choice, and even a discount code for my readers. Do take advantage of it by making a purchase and entering WPT10 to get 10% off!

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white top : Cloth Inc // skirt : Stradivarius // sandals : Nine West // clutch : Manikan // jewelries : Aldo

Been a while, huh! Hope all is well at everyone's ends, especially as it is only the ninth day of the new year. I made resolutions, of course, but I am not discussing them in this post for the following reasons: first, they say wishes are jinxed when you say tell them to a lot of people, and second, far more interesting to gush about is the gifts I received (and got myself)!

The first to arrive was that white top I'm wearing from Cloth Inc. Fashion wise, I am lately drawn into feminine simplicity and this perfectly fitting top screams just that. (my Cloth Inc size is XS, by the way, if any of you is thinking to maybe get me a birthday present? *wink*) The necklace and handlet are some of what I gifted myself. I have been enthusing over the tigress my Instagram with pictures of the tigress handlet. I also received yesterday a lovely new year treat package containing four pieces of jewelries which I immediately fell for and will be posting about on Instagram and probably (or probably not) the blog. Do follow and, despite my indefinite absence from Blogger, stay in touch!

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