shirt by H&M // bag by Kate Spade // pumps by Dolce and Gabbana // watch by Guess
It seems that the universe never ceases to remind me of how I should stay grateful in any situation life throws at me. I won't say much in this post but for the song I often play on loop lately and am dying to share the magic with you, it humbles me and keeps my feet on the ground. A section of the text reads like this:

"I wonder how so many can be in so much pain, 
while others don't seem to feel a thing
Then I curse my whiteness and I get so damn depressed
In a world of suffering, why should I be so blessed?"

by Brett Dennen

music to my ears:
 Brett Dennen - There Is So Much More


lavender peplum top by Tres Chic // pants by Gaudi // pointy shoes by Nine West // clutch by Mango Touch

It was a literally sleepless night for me yesterday so I have been feeling completely zoned out all day.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for the wondrous little surprises which happened or a certain someone made happen for me today. For instance, the overwhelming news that a good friend of mine Maria Rahajeng was just crowned Miss Indonesia last night (I couldn't have been more proud!). Second, the thoughtful delivery of a snug pashmina with a note "Please stay warm :)" to the office. I love that the pashmina smells like his car. He spoils me!

Thinking about how much better those events made me feel for the rest of the day in spite of sleep deprivation, it's funny how a small gesture can affect you so much. Makes you wonder, then in the face of such pure and simple bliss, what is it exactly that human tends to be greedy about they don't mind stepping on other people's toes to get it? Wealth and power are the common giant drives, but is it possible that beyond all that, they basically seek love and acceptance? 

music to my ears:
Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason


shoes: Miu Miu // bag: Calvin Klein

I have a girl friend whose closet I have always wanted to raid and whose sizes are much like mine. The other day we were going shopping and were struck by a brilliant idea to collect the dresses and accessories buried at the back of our closets and swap them. We ended up with around 5 to 10 new clothes to treasure, so that's not bad, right? I was most pleased with this beautiful satin dress with fancy print and wonderful fitting. Thus this throwback post. Maybe a fun idea to spend Valentine's day with your girl friends? 

These days I have been embracing the idea of good riddance. Some people in our lives anchor us down, even when they don't actually intend to. Some people or things we are overly attached with, which makes even the mere thought of losing grip of them unbearable. When you realise that getting rid of these things are actually beneficial for you, it empowers you to stand tall and watch them with sincerity as they leave because you value yourself more than your attachments to them. So perhaps this Valentine's day, give it a try. After all love isn't just to share with others but with oneself too, right?

"If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. and that makes you so happy." - Kristin Chenoweth

music to my ears:
Capital Cities - Chartreuse


Dress : Sammydress // pumps : Bebe // tote bag : Calvin Klein // cross ring : Sammydress // scarf : vintage

I guess my perpetual love for easy dresses is a public secret. There is something magical about dresses which my heart indulges. Rarely do I miss a chance to purchase a new dress, because the way I see it, shoes are not the only thing girls can never have enough of, dresses are too! My most recent treasure is an LWD from Sammydress. Pretty neckline details. Sammydress has a variety of fashion pieces which mostly are affordable. The cross ring I wore here is from Sammydress as well! Don't you love it when you can find everything you need or wanna purchase in one place? 

Things have been crazy busy the past weeks I could barely open my eyes long enough to stay on the computer doing my other work. So I'll keep it short this time and maybe talk more on Instagram instead - enjoy!

music to my ears:
W&W ft. Hardwell - Bigfoot


clutch: Manikan // shoes: Nine West // accessories: Born Pretty

I hope it has been a joyous day for everyone! This is not what I wore for the Chinese New Year family-visiting, red envelope-collecting tradition I drained my energy doing today, but I have been meaning to post and flaunt some new pieces of jewellery delivered to me by Born Pretty. Please welcome the double cross necklace (the bigger cross in the middle is a separate piece which is vintage and has been in my keeping for almost a decade now) and the silver claw around my forearm. They're unlike any other bits of accessories I have ever owned, yours truly is in love.

By the way the last two years flew by so fast and it felt like I had been taking each day thereof for granted and would only find myself somewhere far down the road carping about how fast time flew (I am not joking, can you believe it's February already?). So this year I undertake to remind myself every morning of how precious of a set of twenty-four hours I am waking up to and not to let one day go by less than well-spent. I have set personal goals and I am excited to enliven the journey. Stay passionate, people!

p.s. - Valid 10% discount code at Born Pretty by typing in WPT10 when checking out!

music to my ears:
Brett Dennen - Ain't Gonna Lose You

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