mullet blouse by Floe // shorts by Tres Chic // bag by Kate Spade // shoes by Nine West // ring by Aldo // necklace by Saint Peter Store

I firmly believe that when you are generally and genuinely happy, you glow. Even when you are worn out. And when your joy resonates like that, it affects your surroundings including the people you encounter. Often times I can't help but smile when I see a complete stranger playing with their kids at the mall or just strolling by oneself with a happy face on, and almost as often do I feel dragged down by a sullen face among the crowd. Like it or not, it is that easy to affect other people without necessarily making contact with them. My daily goal every day is to be the reason someone smiles everyday, the trigger for one to think that happiness is a state of mind and thus it is not very difficult to feel happy. Some people tell me that they like how every time they see me I am always with a smile or grin on my face and how it is so easy to make me laugh. I like to know that my being happy makes other people happy too.

Happiness correlates directly to confidence. When one is happy one is confident, and when one is confident one is happy. One of my secrets to achieving both every single day is to translate my thoughts and mood through my outfits. I dress most comfortably and desirably, I get my hair and appropriate make up done, I make enough time to do all those so that I do not leave anything behind and let myself out the house feeling like oh I should've done this, I should've done that. The other day this meant throwing beige-lavender-yellow-brown together and producing this look, which I felt great with. I like my blouses oversized, so thank you Floe for such a perfect fitting one.


LO by Lovita Hilman skirt // clutch by MILCAH // shoes by L.A.M.B // handlet by Aldo // bracelet by Mango

Apologies for the sucky lighting, but boy do I love this outfit. As fun as trying other styles is I feel best wearing a feminine look, like it vibes most compatibly with my aura or something. LO by Lovita Hilman sent me this beautiful ankle-length skirt the other day, which I couldn't be happier about because it makes such an edgy addition to the versatile section in the closet (I mean look at the lovely horizontal transparent panels by my knees and shins!) Wearing it with pastels made my weekend.

music to my ears:
Birdy - All You Never Say


foil top by LO by Lovita Hilman // necklace by Saint Peter Store // skirt by New Look  // sling bag by BCBG Max Azria // shoes by Nine West

I came across a quote which more or less sounds like this: "Always be nice because everyone is going through their own battle." What a reminder. We encounter thousands of people everyday, that's already thousands of opportunities to be nice and better someone's day. Especially in this generation where people are so anchored down by their problems and they get so tense they carry a chip on their shoulders that you don't wanna knock off. The other day I misdialed a lady who immediately sounded so mad and slammed the phone off at me, which made me think what kind of a miserable daily routine does she go through that only one misdial and she loses it. I thank God and the universe for these never-ending reminders so that I never have to live a life so stressful that I would bring other people down with me by my negativity.

Anyway here I am wearing an unusual foil-like blouse gifted by LO by Lovita Hilman. I love that it is awkwardly oversized and thereby creates a unique silhouette. Pairing it with a grey skirt was fun, because I reckon grey hues as an awesomely mediocre hue, in that it is not outstanding but doesn't get outshone, it is a perfect balancer of tones and yet somehow it reflects the same degree of chicness of any other pretty pieces with which it is worn. Like the necklace from Saint Peter Store, which was one of my birthday presents this year. These two look like a match made in heaven.. or in my wardrobe that is. 

music to my ears:
Alex M.O.R.P.H ft. Sylvia Tosun - An Angel's Love


white top by Cloth Inc // bloom skirt by Pull and Bear // red peep-toes by Nine West // purse by Zac Posen

The other day I was browsing through my old posts and realised that I did not do this white top with sheer arms any justice in my previous post.  This time I am coupling it with much more colourful pieces and letting it tone down the whole colour shock, with full conviction that the top itself is very beautiful on its own already and would not be outshone by the more saturated skirt and shoes and bag. Simple and sleek, just how I like it.

I need to confess that I have been very impulsive these days and used my upcoming birthday as a shameful excuse for acting so. I plan to put a pause on the excessive spending for a while and focus my time and energy on having a good birthday meals/quality time with the people I love most. Oh so excited for the weekend! (and the weekend after, just because).

music to my ears:
Coldplay - Magic 


purse by Zac Posen // kitten heels by Nine West

I helped a friend with his wedding reception last weekend. A part of my role involved getting in contact with literally everyone who came. The number of people who attended wasn't what amused me, it was the different responses I got upon trying to politely greet each and everyone of them. My job was simple, just to put a smile on my face while welcoming the arriving guests and to hand over the wedding souvenirs after they fill in the guest book. Some were very warm, they started chitchatting with me - although only for a few seconds as they wrote down their names in the guest book. Some beamed and uttered a sincere thank you. Some flashed a little smile, which I fully appreciate. To my surprise, some others did not bother to remove the pout on their faces, which were probably due to traffic or misdirections or otherwise, and acted like I was not even there. Like it was an invisible robot handing them the souvenirs. I tried to recall every wedding or similar events that I went to and whether or not I was polite to the people who are often turned a blind eye on. I think I have been adequately nice. But I was reminded yesterday of how important it is to always, always be nice to everyone, regardless of how bad your day has been or how dispirited you are feeling. It's not hiding your feelings (which is unhealthy), it's knowing how to behave and be gracious in every situation. Not only is it a respectable gesture, it does yourself a favour too because making other people happy makes you happy too.

All in all, it was a well spent Saturday and this is one of the ootd. I am all about easy dress-ups lately and isn't that shirt dress a perfect piece to covet in that spirit? The best part is wearing it with two of my favourite babies: a Zac Posen purse and Nine West kitten heels. Zac Posen is one of those designers I have been overlooking, which I now reckon as a big mistake. The purse is probably one of my most treasured purchases to date and I am definitely putting Zac Posen's collections from this point forward on my radar.

music to my ears:
Bloc Party - Signs

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