Sunday Brunchday

dress by Leony Evelyn // sandals and mini bag by Dorothy Perkins // leather bracelet by Mango

It's a season of minis! I am a pouch kind of girl, my bags mostly consists of separated mini pouches that carry thousands of typical girl stuff. I picked up this technique from some office friends, and thus far it has proven to be very effective in terms of preserving the quality of each item (you know how when you put your wallet and keys together you are ruining that gorgeous leather) as well as expediting the annoying process of trying to find your hair ribbon etc that is buried among a million other things in your bag. So when shopping, I always opt for big bags which allow me to carry all my beloved stuff with me.

But I gotta admit, carrying that many things all the time can be a pain in the butt, despite careful pouch organization. So lately I have grown a whole new fondness towards mini bags which are light and practical, and not to mention cute. Wearing a mini bag reminds me to only bring the stuff that I will or might actually use, and not the other stuff that I just bring so that I don't feel insecure (like earphones, I used to carry them even when I was going to the movies). Also, intense pastel colors do not look very good in the form of big bags, while on the other hand, a mini bag could pull off any hue. Plus, what's more appropriate for a spring/summer hangout than an easy-to-carry, functionable purse? As you see, my sister concurs with me and I am sure most of you do too *wink*

So did all of you manage to post your looks to the Dorothy Perkins styling competition? Best of luck to those who did! By the way, the Styling Competition has been extended until the middle of May, so please feel free to tell your readers this. :)


Ah, weekend is a couple of hours away! If you haven't made your mind up on what outfit you are going to be wearing this weekend, do flip through my latest posts for ideas because I have been posting outfits wearing items that are labeled as style essentials this spring/summer season by Dorothy Perkins, with which I concur. This time I am wearing a navy blue lace top teamed with a deep green skirt. The half-body shots are deliberate, so that you can closely see the beautiful details of the lace top. The rich colour and the sheer parts really bring out the contrast with my skin tone and make playing mix-and-match much easier. I am sure almost all of you own at least one lace top in your wardrobe, why don't you wear it this weekend and show me how you would style this piece!

FYI, Dorothy Perkins is currently having a Styling Competition. Just by creating 2 looks from 1 of their Style Essentials, you could win Rp 10,000,000! How crazy is that? Join before it's too late, this competition ends soon! Click here to read more.


Look 1:
Turtleneck blouse by Mango // boyfriend jeans by Dorothy Perkins // heels by Nine West // geometric bag by Zara

Look 2:
Loose shirt by Forever 21 // boyfriend jeans by Dorothy Perkins // clutch by Manikan

Who knew boyfriend jeans were so versatile! I certainly did not, until I gave this pair a try and now I can't decide which of the many looks I tried this morning to wear. To my surprise, boyfriend jeans can take feminine looks to a whole other level. I am showing you here the two looks I narrowed my choices down to. For the first look I wore the jeans with a sleeveless turtleneck blouse. Now the turtleneck is another thing that is going to be big in the near future. I like to think I pulled that off, looking simple and smart-casual. The second look is more relaxed with an oversized shirt. I let my hair down to add a feminine touch to the boyfriend jean meets boyfriend shirt combo. Which one do you like better?

If your style is more feminine and classic like mine, the rule of thumb of wearing boyfriend jeans is to wear heels. Or if you opt for flat footwear, make sure your top is light and girly. You want to avoid actually looking like your boyfriend, unless, of course, that's your personal style. How would you rock your boyfriend jeans?

WIN IDR 10,000,000 by joining

Kali ini FIMELA.COM bersama Dorothy Perkins kembali hadir membawa hadiah yang sangat menarik, bagi kamu yang punya passion di bidang fashion.
"Styling Competition", sebuah kompetisi fashion, dimana kalian diminta untuk membuat 2 looks hasil inspirasi Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials yang bisa kalian lihat langsung di
Foto 2 penampilan fashion yang kamu buat, harus kamu upload di blog kamu dan berikan deskripsi panjang, mulai dari inspirasi stylingnya hingga informasi pakaiannya! Setelahnya, upload foto tersebut di facebook Fimela Media dan berikan juga deskripsinya, untuk yang facebook cukup berikan deskripsi pendek beserta link blog kamu.

Terms & Condition:

1. Follow twitter resmi Dorothy Perkins: @DPerkins_ID

2. Like akun fanpage Dorothy Perkins -

3. 2 Foto Styling yang kamu buat harus di upload di blog kamu dengan judul "Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition", kemudian upload di facebook Fimela Media dan sertakan juga link blog kamu

4. Inspirasi styling harus berasal dari Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials

5. Berikan deskripsi pendek (2-3 kalimat) untuk foto yang diupload di Facebook Fanpage Fimela Media

Kompetisi ini akan berlangsung dari tanggal 11 April 2014 - 27 April 2014, tidak ada batas umur dan berhadiah voucher Dorothy Perkins dengan total hingga Rp. 10.000.000,- untuk 3 orang pemenang.

Kami tunggu hasil "styling" kamu ;)

Good Luck!

Notes: Pertanyaan seputar kompetisi dapat kamu tanyakan langsung melalui facebook message Dorothy Perkins Indonesia


cami by Dorothy Perkins // skirt by Stradivarius // block heels by Dorothy Perkins // headband worn as necklace by Accesorize // owl bangle by (X)S.M.L

What's pretty, spring-like, and fun? A cami! A daisy print cami, to be precise. My new piece from
Dorothy Perkins is such a babe, I ultimately love wearing it. The light fabric provides comfort and helps me withstand heat, the daisies print perks me up, and the basic cutting makes it easy to be combined with practically anything. In this outfit I wore it with only a plain black skirt and block heels and yet, look at how gleeful it makes me look! An absolute must-have this Spring. Tips when choosing a cami print: The more unexpected, the better! Another tip: Don't pair it with something mini or otherwise revealing to avoid looking sultry and ending up feeling uncomfortable with all the judgy eyes on you. Thanks, Dorothy Perkins, for such a great piece to add to my wardrobe.

Dorothy Perkins is calling out to any bloggers with style to earn a chance to win shopping vouchers in the amount of up to IDR 10,000,000. That's a huge sum! Check out Dorothy Perkins website here for more information before it's too late!


Detachment. If there is one thing I can advise anyone on how to take things lightly, including pain, it's detachment. The past two years has been very enlightening for me, but over the course of hardships I have attained the ability to detach adequately. Some people, learning the curse of being overly attached, have gone extreme by vowing to detach from anything with the potential of hurting a person at some point, including love. These are the people who convince themselves that they are no longer able to trust anyone, or that expectation is the source of disappointment and thus do not expect at all, or the like. In my opinion these people are misguided. Because when they tire themselves by constantly brooding and in the end find themselves lonelier than ever, they start giving in to a little attachment, and a little more, and a little more, and when you know it they are back to where they're started, indulged by the delights of attachments. And the cycle goes on. And then there's a point where they realise that no attachment goes unhurt, and their attachments are soon coloured with worry and anxiety of what may go wrong.

I found a way that works for me, I successfully learned to attach and detach in the same time. Ugh, I attempted to provide an explanation as to how I managed to do that (you should see the gazillion previous drafts of this post) but I failed. I'll share you the how once I figure out how to explain it, but the point is it is possible to attach and detach in the same time. This has done me wonders in respect of how I live this life. I wish more people could embrace this like I do.


white top by Zara // necklace by (X)S.M.L // soft pants by Dorothy Perkins// bag by Furla // sandals by Chloe

Food for thought of the day: Everybody has gone through those times where they feel like they have done everything in their power to make something happen, but it isn't happening. I believe in destiny, and in the supernatural power that writes it for each and every being. Maybe, just maybe, it's because in the bigger picture, that thing you'd die for to make happen is not what you need. Maybe what you need is the process of dealing with the feeling of failure of making it happen, the lessons you'd learn from it. Easier said than done, indeed, but keep it in mind as it might come in handy in future hardships.

I wore Dorothy Perkins jogger pants the other day and I am not lying when I say they are too comfortable for words. These pants are part of Dorothy Perkins special collection - Style Essentials SS14 which are now in stores. Rarely do I make jogger pants or flare pants purchases, due to my lack of curves. I actually doubted this awesome-looking pair when I first laid eyes on them. But damn they wore my lack of curves beautifully and are now officially my favourite pair of pants. Whoever designed them, we curve-less girls are (for this season, at least) indebted to you. 

Want to earn yourself a chance to win a IDR 10,000,000 shopping voucher from Dorothy Perkins? Don't miss out! Here's how:


peacock top from La Femme // print pants from Gaudi // clutch by Aldo // bangle by Aldo // block heels by Dorothy Perkins

When shopping, I prefer stores that are not very volatile towards street wear trends in their collections, that don't let the ever-changing trends dictate their style for the season, that instead stick to their own genre and only adopt trends that match their image. The UK-based brand Dorothy Perkins in my opinion falls into this category, (you don't see DP going from shredded tees in one collection to neon headbands the next, do you) which is why I have always had a certain fascination for their collections. DP does not offer fashion for girls who are still exploring different styles to find their true colour, it offers fashion for women who have already found and very proudly embrace it. 

Now their Spring 2014 collection is in store and they have cleverly come up with 10 items they refer to as Style Essentials. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with them and get the first view of the Style Essentials items. The Style Essentials do not claim themselves to be the key pieces of the current trend, but they "work perfectly with the latest trends and are versatile enough to see you through the whole season - and beyond," as Charlotte Pettican, DP's Buying Director, puts it.

The block heels I'm wearing here is one of my favourite Style Essentials. This pair is perfect in terms of simplicity and comfort, and matches anything you wear. I guess by now most of you would already own a pair considering how dominant they are in today's footwear trends but in case you have not—or if you are looking for another recommendable pair of block heels—these babies are the one to snatch.  

You will discover the other 9 essential items in the coming posts on my blog, but otherwise you can always visit their stores and find out for yourself about the other Style Essentials for Spring 2014. This is not to be missed out on. 

To spice up the Spring 2014 Style Essentials merriment, you are most welcome to partake in DP's styling competition where the prize is a DP voucher worth up to Rp10.000.000,-. All you have to do is create two looks using one of the Style Essentials and post it on your blog, and drop the link on Fimela's Facebook page. Entries are welcome from April 11th - 27th. Feel free to contact me via email or twitter or instagram if you have any questions!


dress by Floe // shoes by Nine West // sling bag by BCBGMaxAzria

Ah.. nothing beats the feeling of finally laying down on your bed after a long, productive day. It's like you didn't cheat your way to the finish line, you enjoyed every second of the journey which gives you a fulfilling sense of achievement. And now you are about to have a whale of a time being endowed in a well-deserved rest. Sweet.

I feel an overwhelming flow of gratitude for the things that I do in terms of work. I am grateful to be doing what I love and loving what I do, to be able to take pride in my daily routine. I am grateful that my path thus far has been so carefully threaded that I have always felt like I belong where I am now. Many does not get this privilege, you know, so if you think that you have it too, do say grace. Or better yet, breathe grace. Because things may come and go but if you successfully cherish them while they last, nothing is really lost.

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