Still Believe in Magic

tote bag from Zequins  //  shoes by Steve Madden  //  jacket by Seven December

Quick post tonight! I spent this week vacationing to Bali with V's family and it was super. A much needed getaway from all the routines. Speaking of routines, it recently hit me that some things in my life I need to let go. No that's not true, actually this thought has been nagging me for a while. But I finally acted upon it today. I am not a big fan of changes, but I have a good feeling about this particular one. :)


skirt by Leony Evelyn  //  pumps by Miu Miu  //  purse by Zac Posen

Last Saturday was particularly special because it was my boyfriend's birthday. Celebrations include birthday lunch with V's extended family, birthday dinner with yours truly, and after drinks with his best buddies. While you can find out what I wore for the birthday lunch on my Instagram, here are a couple of snaps of my outfit for the evening event and get-together. 

It's a funny story how I ended up with this outfit. Like most girls, I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what I was going to wear to such a special occasion and this time I had fixed my choice the night before. Honestly I was not absolutely happy with it because something about the colour combination or the texture felt wrong. The next morning after I finished getting ready a package arrived for me and it was this skirt from Leony Evelyn. I tore the packaging off and fell in love then and there, rushed back upstairs and replaced the other skirt I was wearing with this new baby. It was like finding a missing puzzle piece. Voila!

I am flying to Bali tonight and will be there for a couple of days. Recommend me great places to visit? :)

The Jumpsuit

jumpsuit by Dorothy Perkins  //  bangle by Aldo  //  pumps by Nine West  //  bag by Zara

Not everyday do I feel like channeling masculine style, or what looks like one. I never had the courage to go out of my way and purchase something that I may very rarely find the mood to put on, no matter how appealing it looks. Jumpsuits used to be one of those things. But jumpsuits are declared as one of spring/summer style essentials by Dorothy Perkins this year and, guess what, when I had to pick one of their jumpsuits collections I was torn. I have to say Dorothy Perkins knows a woman's figure best. They looked so chic on me that I wanted them all! What used to be something I may or may not feel like wearing, is now something I keep for very special occasions. Definitely a special style essential.


pants by Tres Chic  //  sandals by Chloe  //  necklaces by Saint Peter  //  bangle by (X)S.M.L  //  bag by Coach

Not a lot of people know this but if someone was to asked me what my favourite style is I would say bohemian. Classic looks are timelessly stunning alright but bohemian look feels footloose and fancy-free and it's a great personal getaway to indulge in every once in a while. What's your favourite style?


statement shirt by Dorothy Perkins  //  shoes by Dolce&Gabbana  //  necklace by F21  //  clutch by Stradivarius

Style essentials is all about fashion items that are key and absolutely necessary to complete your wardrobe. As pretty as a midi skirt is, and no matter how edgy boyfriend jeans are, I think it's safe to say that this is the most essential item of all ten: the statement shirt. In these pictures I am wearing a crocheted flamingo shirt and I combined it with black to make the vibrant shirt pop. This is the magic of a statement shirt. Pair it with basics or neutrals and you get a fairly covetable outfit. Pair it with another bold piece and you get a statement-screaming look! Like a best summer buddy, the statement shirt is the epitome of style essentials. What kind of statement shirt do you have in your wardrobe? 

So the Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition has officially ended. The top 3 finalists should be announced next week so stay tuned, people!

From The Heart

tunic by Zara Kids  //  flat shoes by Pull&Bear  //  jewelries by Saint Peter

I took photos of this outfit right after I came across an old camera in my dad's properties. I never knew he had such taste! Pulling off a playful look with the off-white tunic and flat shoes was so much fun. My smile right there, it's from the heart. As always. This may be one of my favourite everyday looks.

Allow me to bring up a heavier topic to think about in this post. I have been keeping myself up to speed with updates and news pertinent to the search of the missing Malaysian Airline plane MH370. I do not know anyone who was on that plane or anybody who knew anyone who was on that plane, but reading about how the search has been futile even after two months breaks my heart and I cannot imagine how agonising it is for those who actually know someone on that plane. Speaking from a commoner's point of view, I know the earth is supremely big and I know there are protocols which must be followed in conducting the search, but to say that no clue whatsoever as to what happened to the plane and not a single debris related to the plane was found is just unimaginable. Okay the world is freakishly big but hey we mapped out every inches of it. There is no way it just disappeared. The number of theories of conspiracy keeps growing and some of them are truly infuriating (if it is true that the agony that families and friends of the passengers and crews of MH370 go through is all for a selfish political or business motive). 

Hungry for an answer to this mystery, articles about many other unsolved mysteries of the world became my reading guilty pleasure today. It all made me realise that human may be the most intelligent creature on earth, but we are not the most powerful. There are powers beyond us, powers that are inconceivable to even the most intelligent minds. There is an omnipotent power in the universe, to whom all these mysteries human minds are riddled by are explainable crystal clear. Overwhelming, right?

May Flower

maxi dress by Dorothy Perkins  //  pumps by Miu Miu  //  purse by BCBGeneration

Every woman loves herself a fine, perfectly-fitting maxi dress. It's what we would most likely choose for a day out when we don't have much time to play dress up, or when we feel like pulling off an effortlessly pretty look (which is most of the time). My new maxi dress, as flaunted in the above photos, has a super plus point because even for the evening, it's black tie event appropriate. I love the quality of the fabric and the thorough stitching, which results in such a wonderful dress that compliments my figure. I wore the dress with a classic pair of Miu Miu and an easy little black purse that I have been wearing everywhere. Oh, I'm a happy girl.

Oh and can you believe it's May already? I'm guessing that during the last moments of last year most of you promised yourselves that you were going to make 2014 count, or that at least 2014 was going to be much better than 2013. Oh those resolutions. Now that we are almost halfway through 2014, is it about time to look back on those promises and reflect, are those resolutions being realized by now? Hold on to your commitments, people!

Speaking of May, the Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition is ending soon! I am curious to find out whose styling skill is going to earn them a valuable shopping voucher at Dorothy Perkins. Have you participated?

Silver Lining

silver drape skirt by (X)S.M.L  //  silver purse by BCBG Max Azria  //  necklace by Saint Peter Store  // shoes by Nine West

Drape has always been my thing. It makes a design look fancy and it wraps a woman's figure so delicately. I have had my heart attached to this pretty silver skirt since I first set eyes on it. It's indescribable, the feeling you get from wearing something that is so perfect to you. I kept it simple this time by sticking to black and silver as the major hues, and by wearing a simple eye necklace from Saint Peter Store to add a sweet touch. I am satisfied with the final look.

I have this week off due to a certain illness I am still trying to recover from by regularly taking prescribed meds in between my lazy day activities. Wish me well soon?

Midriff, Monochrome, and Midi

midi skirt by Dorothy Perkins // oxblood clutch by Mango Touch // sandals by Nine West // bracelets by Nash Closet and Mango Touch

If you came to the Dorothy Perkins Indonesia Style Essentials event, you could tell from my presentation that among all ten Style Essentials items, my favorite was clear: the Midi! I think knee length skirts or dresses are classic and timeless, it looks neat and conservative yet intriguing at the same time. Not to mention, there is a wide selection of ensembles you can combine it with to get a perfect look for any occasion. Pensil or A-line, either way I think midi length is the best investment a woman can make in her closet.

These days I see a lot of people reminding themselves that they should stop over-thinking because it stresses them out. Truth be told, I am much of a deep thinker and over thinking is what I do with enjoyment. Over-thinking is not all bad, you know. It prevents you from making snappy and possibly regrettable decisions and it contributes significantly to the process of learning lessons out of your, or somebody else's experience. In fact, I owe much of who I am, how I am, and what I am like now to my habit of always overly thinking about everything. Maybe it is not the same for everyone, maybe I enjoy over-thinking because I am quite an introvert and over-thinking is an integral part of my being. But I think that over-thinking only stresses one out if one starts making it a thing (that over-thinking is causing them stress). So for those who cannot help but over think, like me, consider it an asset and you will begin to harvest good things therefrom. And for those who are on the other side, maybe stop making over thinking a thing and telling the world that it causes stress, because your readers may pick up the suggestion and get stressed out not purely due to over thinking but because of the suggestion they picked up from your words.

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