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tunic by Zara Kids  //  flat shoes by Pull&Bear  //  jewelries by Saint Peter

I took photos of this outfit right after I came across an old camera in my dad's properties. I never knew he had such taste! Pulling off a playful look with the off-white tunic and flat shoes was so much fun. My smile right there, it's from the heart. As always. This may be one of my favourite everyday looks.

Allow me to bring up a heavier topic to think about in this post. I have been keeping myself up to speed with updates and news pertinent to the search of the missing Malaysian Airline plane MH370. I do not know anyone who was on that plane or anybody who knew anyone who was on that plane, but reading about how the search has been futile even after two months breaks my heart and I cannot imagine how agonising it is for those who actually know someone on that plane. Speaking from a commoner's point of view, I know the earth is supremely big and I know there are protocols which must be followed in conducting the search, but to say that no clue whatsoever as to what happened to the plane and not a single debris related to the plane was found is just unimaginable. Okay the world is freakishly big but hey we mapped out every inches of it. There is no way it just disappeared. The number of theories of conspiracy keeps growing and some of them are truly infuriating (if it is true that the agony that families and friends of the passengers and crews of MH370 go through is all for a selfish political or business motive). 

Hungry for an answer to this mystery, articles about many other unsolved mysteries of the world became my reading guilty pleasure today. It all made me realise that human may be the most intelligent creature on earth, but we are not the most powerful. There are powers beyond us, powers that are inconceivable to even the most intelligent minds. There is an omnipotent power in the universe, to whom all these mysteries human minds are riddled by are explainable crystal clear. Overwhelming, right?


  1. I reaaaally really really like this outfit!!! instant follow <3

    let's keep in touch? *u*
    Dollified Dreams

  2. That's really overwheliming.. I often think about these mysteries and how this could even happen - we, humans, seem to have the best machines that have ever been invented, we can communicate from over the oceans without traveling or sending long letters, but somehow we can't find a simple plane. This is a huge mysterie and my mind just doesn't warp around the idea how this could even happen. In moments like these we truly discover that we may be smart but we are often powerless.

    And on the lighter note - your dress is gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful dress for sure!


  4. That is such a beautiful dress! I really looove it, so young and fresh! :D

  5. verdadero amor tanto al vestido como slippers
    Primer sorteo en el blog de un vestido para las próximas BBCs. Sin follows ni likes, sólo dando tu opinión. Suerte!!

  6. I love your dress so much! You look so sweet and feminine, really captures your girly side :)

    It's so sad that people who were affected with the MH370 disappearance will never have closure to mourn the loved ones they lost. Hopefully someday they'll get some answers, even if it takes many years. It's so scary how there are so many things in this world that goes beyond human will power.

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

  7. Que outfis tan bonito y romantico me encanto el vestido y las ballerines!

  8. Yes very overwhelming, and kind of very scary too. We are so vulnerable yet so strong.
    Anyway, lovely dress you are wearing! Nice post!
    Xx Sandra
    Fashion Blogger Stories

  9. lovely!

  10. cute camera bag dear!


  11. Love this look! Vintage looking cameras (or actual vintage cameras) are so cool. I'm super curious about what happened to the flight too. Sometimes I get sucked into endless articles in the search for more information but it becomes frustrating because most articles more or less have the same info! I have to cut myself off because it wastes too much time. I guess only time will reveal what really happened...


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