Bohemian Conservative

dress by Suite Blanco  //  shoes by Nine West

I have one too many white dress! But this piece is simply irresistible, drop waist had never been this charming. The combination of the loose fit, the pattern by the neckline and hem, and the traditional colour makes this dress special by embodying bohemian, sweet, and conservative in the same time. Round of applause to Suite Blanco, everyone!

Remember how I used to juggle three jobs? I dropped one of them some time last year, and focused on my law career and fashion side job. This year felt like I needed to make a change in my life and moving on from the fashion freelance job I have been doing for 4 years now seems to be the right thing. Those four years were remarkable, working freelance taught me priceless lessons and gave me countless gains that I would never trade for anything. But something tells me passing on the privilege to someone else more deserving and opening myself up to new challenges now are going to get me to even farther places. As of today my fashion interest will be channeled through this blog (and connected social networks only). To say that I am stoked for whatever comes is an understatement, I am way beyond stoked, whatever the correct word for that is.


grecian top from SuiteBlanco  //  sandals and bangle by Aldo 

I am a firm disbeliever of the notion of love at first sight, except when it comes to clothes or shoes. Sounds shallow but it's true. Of course the love you have for a person is completely different with that for fashion but that's exactly the thing. That kind of love you can have for a person is a kind of feeling that grows as time flies, fostered and fertilised by every significant moments and every trivial details. It fixes itself up on a firm base in one's heart, and it does not stop growing (until it hurts). This is precisely why such love is unforgettable, irreplaceable. The other love I am bringing up here is different in that this love is instant and, although equally consuming, is more like lust than love. But one doesn't normally say one lusts this pair of shoes, because love is indeed the word for it. And the reason I am blabbering about all this is my love/lust for that grecian-looking one shoulder top from SuiteBlanco. It is one of my love-at-first-sight treasures. Tell me, what item in your wardrobe did you fall in love in at first sight with?

Pumped Up Chick

dress by Suite Blanco  //  necklace by Saint Peter  //  clutch from Zac Posen  //  pumps by Nine West

Sports luxe is so trendy these days, I was thrilled to find out that I was going to bring home a beautiful bright pink dress with sporty neckline details from Suite Blanco. I think it is swimwear-inspired, which is very cool. As one of the best pieces of Suite Blanco's present collection, this dress represents Suite Blanco's view of youthful summer fashion. Et voila, this is my outfit for last Saturday night out. Great day it was!

I've Got Sunshine

dress by Suite Blanco  //  bucket bag by Coach  //  shoes by Nine West  //  heart-shaped necklace by F21

Apologies for the wrinkles but I had spent the whole day doing so many things before I took these pictures. I was wearing my latest favourite dress from Suite Blanco. The colour perfectly translates your mood when you are ready to go out and the sun is shining so bright it seems like it is excited for you. I love the design, mini dress with long sleeves and low cut chest; I wore a lacey inner and a heart-shaped necklace with leopard print for a sweet and sexy touch and a dangling gold necklace for a glam finishing. Such a great day!

Another Perfect Floral Dress

dress by Floe  //  bag by Michael Kors  //  wedges by Charles & Keith

I am currently in Bandung on a business trip so here's a quick post for a quickly snapped photos of the outfit I wore the last day of work before I flew out to Bali last week. The dress is flowery and summery, not to mention it is of the perfect length (right by the knees) which makes it perfect for work if one would just throw on a blazer or some sort. The dress is such a good fit! The sizing fits my measurement, the pattern fits my personality, and the versatility fits my routines. Wonderful.

Folk Summer

dress by Suite Blanco // clutch by Manikan // bracelet by Saint Peter // shoes by Pedro

What's summer without a great summer dress? I scored a fantastic summer dress while I was indulging in a shopping fiesta Suite Blanco has to offer. I love the pattern, the cutting, how easy to mix and match it… wearing it makes me feel so good! There are many more to choose from in their current collection if you are interested in getting something more your style. I still have some Suite Blanco pieces stacked in the newcomer section of my closet, cannot wait to flaunt them one at a time!

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