Come Play With Me

I am a sucker for everything vintage or hippie or somewhat traditional looking. This dress was the first item I fell in love with when raiding Suite Blanco's latest collection. I apologise for the quality of the photos as these were snapped during a very short period between arriving home from an event and rushing out to another. I hope you can get a good look at the pretty crochet details and the floral embroidery. Everytime my helper washes it and puts it back on the hanger in my closet, it is a battle for me to resist wearing it again and putting other stuffs on instead. No kidding.


Quick post before work today. Maxi skirt is one of God's greatest gifts to women - and some men these days! A plain maxi is always a good investment, especially when it has special feature like a side slit or two. This piece I am wearing is from @ghaidashop on Instagram who offers a wide variety of basics to invest in. I chose navy because it is timeless and it goes with every other colour I have in my wardrobe. For my first outfit wearing the skirt, I paired it with white and black, but I do foresee wearing the skirt more often in the future with more daring choices of hue. 

White + Mocha

top, clutch, and sandals from Suiteblanco

Enough said, white is timeless and ever so charming. We wear white to tone down colourful outfit or to inject a good balance of neutral to ease the clashing of two or more hues. But to give white a chance to dominate your outfit exposes its inherent sophistication and class, thereby stealing the spotlight to shine on you and your confidence only. This outfit features a white on white combo with a hint of mocha. I mixed the bohemian top (look at those pretty paisley beads) with a modern design maxi skirt for a unique feminine look and boosted the degree of exoticism of by wearing matching snakeskin clutch and sandals. I felt super.

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