I don't live by "you are what you eat" because I am frankly not that big of a culinary aficionado, but I am a keen and firm believer of "you are what you wear". Clothes have a magic way in connecting your soul, affecting your attitude to adjust with what your clothes are making you look. This time I am wearing all of my favourite stuffs recently, especially those super comfortable sandals from Suiteblanco


Men criticise women for bringing a million things in their bags. I criticise myself for bringing a million things in my bag. It does, however, depend on the size of the bag I am carrying, of course the smaller the bag the less items fit, thus the need to be more selective. Normally I put my stuffs in several mini pouches and put those mini pouches in my large bag, so that finding one thing in there is not such a pain in the butt. But there are times when smaller purse or clutch is more suitable for the event and I have to get rid of the pouches, and in those times these are my essentials.

The snake skin clutch is medium sized and is from Suite Blanco, if you are wondering. It has crawled its way up to being one of my most favourite arm candies.

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