So I guess I saw this coming, my job getting in the way of my blogging routine and thus thus the lack of posts these days. Had my passion been in fashion and this whole blogging world I would've probably trashed my social medias with sighs and complaints. But as a matter of fact I stand firm that my work comes first. I do get to maintain my daily dose of fashion by joyfully putting together my work attire everyday and coming up with a scurved away style in my day-offs, which I contently document in my Instagram account. Bottomline: I am loving this life, definitely.

Now that I got around to updating the blog, this outfit seems like just the right set to show off. I got this pretty top from a local clothing line with whom I have variously partnered up for years, Leony Evelyn. Their collections are consistently endearing and unique, makes you come back for more. Check them out, but careful you might just get addicted!


  1. so lovely. i love the top so much! <3

  2. Beautiful shirt! I love the colours :)

    Yours, Julia

  3. great look dear!
    Would you like follow each order?

  4. Beautiful, and love your positive attitude! Yes, getting dressed in the morning can be a great way to enjoy fashion too :) Such a lovely floral top!


    xo Jess

  5. First time visits here, nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  6. you look so elegance and chic <33

  7. Funny, I've had the opposite issue. Since I haven't been working, my posts have been incredibly sporadic since my blog is largely about career wear. Pajamas or slobby stuff just aren't much fun to blog about.

    But I'm doing a major wardrobe overhaul to prep for my reentry to the workforce. And blogging it, of course!

    By the way, I love this outfit, the top is just incredible, and the skirt and shoes definitely show it to the best advantage.

  8. I love that top on you! The print is FAB


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