I proved myself years ago that pink and pink wasn't the best combination for me. I guess back then all pink everything was associated tightly with barbies and glam wannabes. Personally I hated it because that's a colour almost every little girl of and around my age seemed to be obsessed with (and I hated anything that everybody for no apparent reason glorified, a trait that sticks with me until now). So glad that the case has changed now. I don't hate the colour as much anymore and actually enjoyed my day covered in all this pink.

On an irrelevant note, lately not a day goes by without me counting days to Christmas! This year end however is not going to be as restful as it was last year. My first months of work, that's in 2013, swamped me. Work piled up everyday, new deadlines were set every other day, but don't get me wrong everything was exciting and every hour spent working was worth the knowledge and experience. And then it all kinda stopped (or I successfully adapted at one point), fewer work everyday, giving me time to breathe and a wonderful year-end break. This year is a contrast. Workload fluctuated but in average remained mild in the first two thirds of 2014. Safe to say after the Presidential election and inauguration, clients kicked off the paused deals and transactions and everyone at the office have been scoring huge hours every day, weekend included. This is not a complaint though. I gotta say it's exciting to wake up everyday, despite the inevitable wish to stop the time and get a bit more sleep, but knowing that you have a big chance of completing many tasks, not to mention all the new information you are bound to acquire thereby. Feels real good to be positive. :)

So the above does not mean this year-end is going to be any less gleeful. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all. Can you feel the north pole breeze in the air yet?


Been a while since I last checked in, now I'm back with a new face for the blog! How do you like it? Things are going well at my end despite a few bumps here and there. I hope they are even better at yours. Good news: Not only will I return with more blog updates in the future, you can also keep track with my regular updates on Clozette Indonesia! I'm still a newbie there, literally still trying to figure out how every tool works there, but I'll definitely be a regular. 

By the by, geez, I almost forgot how therapeutic it is to blog my heart out. :)

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