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We wear Batik on Friday every week. It isn't mandatory at my workplace but I take pride in wearing Batik on my own initiative. I also like seeing most business people strolling around the business district in various pattern and color of Batik clothing. What's the best Batik outfit have you ever pulled out?

Been doing some reflections lately and some are starting to anchor me down. But we had a prayer and sharing session for a friend of mine who just so recently passed away, and her mother in her speech reminded me of some life values that I have lived by since teenager but recently kind of ignored. Thanks for being such a blessing, Ajie and family :)

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  1. you look sweet on those batik skirt!
    I always adore your simple style :D

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  2. Your skirt is so pretty

  3. You're so pretty! In loooove with your bag!

    xxx Linsey from

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  4. so prettyy!!! love your skirt <33


  5. So lovely! love your skirt!

    This is my fave one:

  6. so cute your style :) pretty girl !♥

  7. uber cute!
    and yayness for Batik <3


  8. that is such a beautiful skirt ! never heard of Batik, but thanks-- now I will go look it up


thanks for the thoughts!

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