When it's either your happiness at the expense of others or another person's happiness at the expense of yours, where do you best draw the line so as to minimise the pain on both sides? How far would you go exhausting your means to buoy someone up until you dare to turn around and find solace for yourself? So there's a thought this gloomy Sunday is drowning me in. Sometimes a question pops into your head and while your unconscious mind believes there isn't a real answer to such a riddle, your heart can't let it go and seizes on every little hope that there may be some resolution that you can settle with, even if it works for only you. We'll see how it works out for me.

Anyway, I received a package from Leony Evelyn the other day in which a set of what could be a perfect Chinese New Year outfit was beautifully folded into a ready-to-wear pair. Glitzed up by mesmerising red accents, this outfit screams romance and charm. The big day is four days away! If you have not decided what your outfit is going to be like and where from, do stop by Leony Evelyn and they'll inspire you!

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