Weddings are one of the best moments; love is in the air, closest relatives and friends are in the same room mingling and enjoying the festivity, everyone's dolled up and feels pretty or dapper, all the photos will almost certainly capture happy faces and happy faces only. Unless your heels hurt or you spill wine on your suit. But 9 out of 10 weddings I have been to give me the same feelings, even when I didn't really fancy the decoration or didn't enjoy the food so much (sorry!). Last night was the wedding of my cousin, one of the relatives I was really close to when we were kids. Things have changed now, or maybe I have, so to say the truth we aren't that close anymore. But seeing her walk down the aisle with the groom really took me back to the old days, in a good way. I used to feel glad when I won some childish game against her, but now I am truly happy for her finally settling down and building a family of her own, something I'm sure she'll kick ass at.

My whole family attended the reception, except for my brother who is still in Sydney, and with the addition of my sister's boyfriend and mine. I was wearing a daring red jumpsuit that I just acquired in a dress hunting episode earlier in the afternoon. I love the low cut back and the cute little bow waist-high, which really helped shape my figure unlike most jumpsuits in which I'd look like I was wearing three sizes higher than my actual size. 

Anyway, writing this post up felt kinda nice, I guess I missed blogging after almost a full year off. Hope this is not a one time thing :p so we'll see.....

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