They say when you found the right person you just know. Yesterday I learned that when you found the right venue (if you know what I mean), you just know too. I suppose it applies to various things as well, now that I think about it. I just knew it when I found the right job for me. I just knew it when I found my bestest of friends. The jingle of one of my favourite TV series, Monk, starts with "It's a jungle out there, disorder and confusion everywhere..." That's true, but what's even more true is what your heart tells you and convinces you. Those are the things that if you run away from and do the opposite, you'll regret. It's amazing really how your heart just knows! But as you follow your heart, remember to take your brain with you too. 

Cheers to a good day, everyone!


October is breast cancer awareness month. At the beginning of my spare-time research I read that breast cancer accounts for 23 percent of all cancer in Indonesia. And yet, I knew very little about the disease!

Here's a post dedicated to #breastcancerawareness to invite more of you to inform yourselves of breast cancer, how it could affect your life and how you could prevent suffering from one (for example, how to self-diagnose early). If you have information or experience that you can share, please do so in the comment box so we can all learn! Thanks!


A few years back when vintage was all the rage (although actually in my heart it still is), I scored a few vintage items in a flea market and this shirt was one of them. I loved it at first sight but did not get to try it to see how it would fit me before purchasing it, so when I came home I was a little drawn back because it was too baggy to look alright on me. Today though, either because of the few kilos I gained during the last six months or because oversize has tuned in with vintage more than it did back then, or maybe both, I liked how it fit me. Modernized with an easy sling bag and a pair of presently edgy shoes, voila today's outfit!



I went to see The Martians yesterday and took away at least two things: (1) that for me science is colossally beautiful, and (2) that to survive and stay alive very much hinges upon the maintenance of a positive mind. On the first subject, I remember when I was little I wanted to become a doctor. Though I had always flunked my physics classes, my biology and chemistry scores qualified me for science class in eleventh grade. But I decided to take social major instead, all knowingly that I would be giving up my dream of becoming a doctor, and now could not be happier that I am in law, my second dream job. But I still think doctor is the coolest profession of all time. Man you get to master all there is about the biology of a human being, God's most complicated creation. How badass does that make you?

On positive thinking, how Mark Watney developed and maintained a burning flame for survival in his soul for hundred of days (or 'sols', as he would) really awed me. My problems everyday aren't nearly as life-and-death as being stranded in Mars of course, but when things would go south for me on earth it had been quite hard to maintain that fire. Positive mind, positive mind, don't stir clear from me. Though I feel like the burdens are a little lighter everytime I pray, so - mental note - I should do that more often. Anywho, good watch.

So I've had this jumpsuit for years but it's been ages since I last wore it for a day out. I decided to do so today, not only because jumpsuits are back on, but also because my new baby sling bag looks perfection to pair it with. On that note though, it seems like everyone everyone is wearing jumpsuits these days I feel like I'm boring myself when I do. Guess it won't be much longer till' I drop this style and move on.

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