Every woman has that go-to something that makes her feel pretty when wearing it. And I don't just mean something that makes her feel like she looks pretty, but literally makes her feel pretty. For me it's Batik, and all other culturally inherited patterns in various areas throughout Indonesia, but for the purpose of this article I'll just refer to Batik. 

I think Batik is genuinely and consummately beautiful. Recently I was involved in a workshop where we were taught to paint Batik on a 30x30 cm canvas. Man, it looked so easy how those ladies did it. My canvas doesn't turn out so admirably, haha thanks to my major lacking of drawing and painting skills. But an important take away was that original Batik cloths that are traditionally painted are more than just paintings, they are a continuous effort of preserving the culture and heritage that originates from and has been passed down to hundreds of generations on this homeland of ours. 

Hence, wearing Batik makes me feel like I am a part of my people, like I am connected to this motherland. Give me Batik anything, and I am a happy girl.

Do you have anything that makes you feel heart and soul pretty? Please do share!


What a day, indeed! 

This outfit was the first of the day, channelling 90s look with stripe turtleneck and old-school denim mini skirt. I went to get a Korean lunch and ran a couple of errands with boyfriend. After that we went home and put our Cinderella mood on. Yes we swept and mopped the most parts of the house! That was probably more sports I did in three hours today than I did in the last month, hahaha. But boyfriend was really supportive and helpful, couldn't ask for a better life mate :) (if you're reading this, which I know you will at some point, I didn't just say that because you were quite a partner in doing the chores, but also because I love you and kind of already decided that you are).

In the evening I and my sister and our boyfriends took mom and dad out for a semi-surprise anniversary dinner, it is their 28th year now. I said semi-surprise because they knew we were going on a celebratory dinner but had no idea that we planned a little more than that, with the decorated dessert and the gift and all. It barely compares to what mom and dad have done for us throughout our lives, but I hope they consider tonight as a token of appreciation and love nevertheless. For me, it's amazing to witness a relationship going so long and so strong.  It was a happy night for all of us, although we were missing our little golden boy a.k.a my brother yet again. 

Anyway, photos are posted on my Facebook and some on Twitter. I might post some on Instagram too. 

One more weekend to December! Oh Christmas month is most exciting. I am stoked to realise all the exciting plans I have been cooking and make every counting days to Christmas memorable. Are you feeling the jolly season yet? 


Some coquettish snaps from last weekend. I was wearing my old frilly and tassle-y blouse with neutral colors. After five days of working around the clock, a lazy weekend becomes a high-priority need. Hence I have been gravitating towards light and loose and draped clothing, which is the uniform of a lazy weekend. In fact it's growing to be more than just that, it's becoming my essentials and my preference for both "when in doubt" situation and otherwise. 

Anyways.. catching up with long-neglected blogging life has been worthwhile. Befriend me on Twitter and Instagram, I'd love to make new friends! :)


Let’s face it. We are not Halle Berry, we all have imperfect skin. My general problem has always been its dryness, particularly on facial area. I wear make up every day. It’s normally only eyeliner and brows for work but I tend to put on more (powder, blush, shading) on weekends. If you ladies haven’t noticed already, this routine is causing our skin to age faster than we do. Blackheads, enlarged pores, oily skin, spotting, dull skin, and abnormal pigmentation are some indications of skin problem. And yet, for some women more than the others, this routine is salient and irreplaceable. Myself included. So I opt for the next best thing: committing to an excellent make-up remover.

Allow me to share with you the make up remover I have been using and felt satisfied with… NIVEAMake Up Clear. It comes in four variants, two for each skin type. Make Up Clear White 2IN1 Scrub and Make Up Clear 2IN1 Foam contains Resorcinol and Licorice as Pearly White to remove dead skin cells, thus perfect for normal skin. Whereas for oily skin, the Aluminium Chlorohydrate and Carnitine content in Makeup Clear White Oil Control 2IN1 Mud and Make Up Clear White Oil Control 2IN1 Foam treats oily skin and revitalize the skin. Scrub is to be applied before rinsing the face and neck area, and foam is for after rinsing. 

For me, the NIVEA White Oil Control 2IN1 Mud has done wonders. It is a combination of make up removal and cleansing soap, thus its ability to remove the make up and clean its residue down to the pores. Very easy and quick to use, 5 minutes tops. As a result, I can actually see my facial skin glow. Talk about looking beautiful when you sleep at night. Watch it, Princess Aurora, there’s a new sleeping beauty in town!

Now I dare you make-up enthusiasts to show off your make up! Upload your photo with creative make up on Instagram and tag @nivea_id and put hashtag #CleansedByNIVEA. You don’t have to worry trying out even the most creative make up look, thanks to NIVEA Make Up Clear, it only takes less than 5 minutes to take it off!

Good luck girls! SELFIE GAME STRONG! 



1. I am big on keeping my old clothes in plausibility of them getting back into trends again in the future. That vest is a good example. 

2. With my beau in a 50s-themed office event. He made a good Montgomery Cliff (with a moustache), didn't he?

3. Pulling off an old denim vest and gingham top to The 90's Festival. I was only familiar with half of the songs the singers sang but definitely enjoyed the throwback!

4. What I do around the men section when boyfriend is trying out clothes, other than picking out more clothes for him to try on. What do you usually do?

5. The denim buddies were all smiles on a movie day with my family (plus the boyfriends and minus my brother, whom I miss btw!)

6. What I wore to a holy matrimony last weekend. Dresses are classic and timeless but hey, why not take it up a notch?

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