Growing up as a fashion blogger, beauty is an integral part of the big picture. Obviously I wear eyeliner and lip tint on daily basis. What’s not so obvious is the foundation of it all, which is the foundation. I am a liquid foundation kinda gal due to my relatively dry skin. After a while switching from brand to brand, I find most comfort in L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation. Why, you ask? Other than its quality and price, L’oreal is familiar because it has been used in the family since I could remember. My mom is utterly a big fan of L’oreal (isn’t that right, Mom?)

Let me show you how to use them. First of all, pick a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. For the purpose of this article I am using No. 12.

There are three ways in which you can apply foundation to your visage. First, using brush. All you have to do is put considerate amount of foundation to the back of your hand, use the brush to get some of it, and then apply it to the desired parts of your face. Using brush to apply foundation gives a full coverage with precision, especially when you use the end of a flat brush.

Second, using sponge or beauty blender. This is preferable when you want to build your coverage, because this method gives you full and high definition coverage.

Third, simply using your bare (and of course clean) hand. With an index finger, apply the foundation in dots on the desired parts of the face. Then blend the liquid by either gently patting your face with four fingers or by moving your fingers in swipe and swirl motion. This method is my most favored, not only because it is practical, but also it gives a more natural and light finish. Plus, the foundation will be more quickly absorbed by the facial skin due to the heat of the skin of your fingers.

Completed with the event-appropriate make up application, and voila! True Match won’t fail ya. Here’s some shots of myself using L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation.

Thanks for reading!

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