I have been falling out and in and out again of blogging life… and now I want in again. When I first started, the blog was meant to be a place to kill time by channeling my thoughts on fashion and style to anyone out there in the limitless world wide web. It was fun and all, until things changed as I grew up and I had less and less time to kill. Keeping up with the blog felt more like a commitment than a getaway. 

But I must admit, I don’t think I could ever leave the blog for good. It was a part of my growing up, it has been a part of me. There's something about this routine that delights me, helps me stay true to myself. So now I'm back and let's see how long I'll stay this time. *wink*

So what's new since my last check in? On my side I have been spending most of my awake hours working (you know how I've repeatedly said about the long hours my job entails) and - here comes the exciting part - planning my wedding. YEAY! That's right, my boyfriend F popped the question on our diving trip to Manado and here we are down the road of wedding planning. The wedding is not going to be until the fourth quarter of 2016 but we agreed to start the preparations early so that we have the luxury of time to figure out this and that carefully. 

Today we went food tasting with three caterers. Photos above taken during the third food tasting. I was so bloated after the first and second one and thought I wouldn't have any more space for a single cracker at the third caterer. But it turns out one of their menus was so good I managed to devour at least half portion of it. I am such a pig. 

I will (probably) be sharing the progress of the wedding planning on this blog. If you have any tips or ideas that you would so kindly share, please do! Also check out my other pages on Instagram (here), Twitter (here), and Snapchat (id: wynneprasetyo or scan my Snapchat ID on the right tab) for more frequent feeds. 

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