Most people get together and talk about other people. Not necessarily gossiping them for what that person just did, how they broke up with their lovers, how that girl secretly picks up a socially stared at side job, or other negative happenings as you may name - sometimes people talk about someone in the government or a celebrity. Their career, their achievements, their luck. Somehow people, like amused audience, are fond of gushing about those things. This is a fact, this is why biography books are often sold out. In contrast, I do not have the slightest attraction for that topic. Like literally when people start talking about other people, I'm turned off and want nothing but to return to my introversion bubble and recharge. 

When information comes to me on how people achieve what they did or was born into all the luck and the good things the world has to offer, I value them as knowledge. There's something new to learn every day. Keeping it positive, those stories can inspire you to live your life in a better way. But I frown upon people who talk about it with envy, or any damn-i-wish-my-life-is-as-sparkly-as-yours attitude. Why would you want to be anything other than yourself? We all have our own blessings and curses. Those people, as lucky as they seem, could always find someone else more superior than themselves and adopt the same attitude. But they don't. (Or I genuinely hope they don't because otherwise all the more reason to stop looking up to them). That's what distinguishes a great person from the rest of the commoners. A great person, appreciative as he is of other people's co-existence, is thankful for his own life, his own journey, his own glitters and his own defects. 

That, I think, is what brings happiness to one's soul. I know it does mine.



You know you've been a blogger for a while when you just can't ignore the cute looking chair with good lighting in the corner, lol.

Today has been  particularly memorable. F and I have been engaged for sometime now since he privately proposed during our diving trip to Manado. But today our families got together to officiate it at dinner. It wasn't perfect, but it was sufficiently lovely. We achieved another milestone today, that's gravely important for me and I'm glad the people who are important to me were there to support as well.

Here's a bummer. Regardless of the title of this post, I am not posting any photo from the engagement dinner because we didn't really take many, except just one closing photo before everyone parted (which I shared on my social medias, link below). Hahaha, sorry guys!

As I'm writing this I'm still catching my breath from the short yoga session I did to wrap up the evening and let go of all the negativity. Tomorrow's a new day, a new 24 hours to conquer, a new pile of opportunity to be a blessing for other people around! Stay positive and keep that inner peace, y'all!


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