I am big on keeping my clothes in my wardrobe for years just to re-discover it one day and fall in love all over again with it. Half of my closet are over 5 years old. I like re-styling my old stuffs; perhaps because wearing them bring back memories of how I felt and how things were back then when I bought or wore them for the first time. 

This top was one of my first purchases as a teenager, who just managed to save up a little and one day decided to splurge. Well, as much 'splurge' as I could at that time. It has lost a button now. Still, I wore it again and again and never really got over it.

The clutch was also memorable in that I bought it when I was making and saving more money in college and just wanted to get something that was not from the oh-so-common labels like Zara.. so I went hunting for indie designers and decided to get this. I remember feeling so cool after I got it, hahaha. I loved its color, but honestly it did not fit all of my stuffs and it was not very practical to carry around. But I still keep it in my wardrobe and liked to wear it every now and then, just to reminisce the moments and the feelings of hating it but loving it in the same time when I wore it for a hang out. 

This is likely why I love styling. It's not so much that I love fashion, I mean I do, but I don't really follow fashion. I don't keep up with fashion trends or news. It's more about the personal touch, about how the clothes and styling the clothes make me feel. After all, fashion is art and it is supposed to make you feel something.


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