It's D-4, baby! Sorry for blurry pics, both bridal showers were a surprise on the days that I did not bring my camera with me. I have the sweetest friends in the world. 

On that note, the wedding prep makes me realise that I do not have many friends. I'm not sad, quite the contrary actually. I'm at a point where I feel guilt-free for keeping a mini size of company, not too little for me to feel super loved and not too many to feel overwhelmed. 

As we near the big day, here are a couple of things I learned and would like to share on the world wide web, just so I remember all the moments and the feelings that occurred throughout the journey.

1.  All wedding preparations have their ups and downs, but going through all that strengthens your bond with your partner. You share the good parts and the bad parts. You confide in each other for every little dilemma. It's a taste of what marriage life will be for the rest of your life. And I'm happy that F and I will be passing the test really soon now.

2.  You will know who are actually for you and who are really for themselves. It's true what they say, the people closest to you will surprise you the most.

3.  Ironically, weddings in Indonesia are predominantly your parents' event. Enough said. It's very rarely yours. But it's a matter of perspective. As long as you and your partner keeps it close to the heart, no matter how many unrecognised faces there are at the party, all the love in the air is yours.

4.  One of the biggest concerns of ours is the weather. Garden party is normally a nay for most people planning a wedding towards the end of a year, but we went with it anyway. We hire a weather man (in Indonesia some people are known for their ability to "control" the weather), but that does not rule out the chance of rain pouring. Above all, I believe that even a thousand weather men have nothing on God Almighty. If God wants it to rain, it will. If God wants otherwise, it will happen. Whatever He wants, it's the best for the praying hearts. So we're leaving it up to the Man Himself. Nevertheless, we're not gonna let the rain, rain on our parade.

5.  When the big day ends, it's going to be the start of a whole new journey for F and I. Things that happened up to today, good and bad, happened for a reason and we're here to learn. Whatever happens today, tomorrow we'd be better because we'd know better. 

F and I are very happy, but right now we have a lot on our plates for the wedding and the house renovation. We have been falling sick every now and then, which I think is triggered by the stress. This happened to most of my friends shortly prior to their weddings as well, so I suppose it's somewhat normal. We are taking vitamins and hoping that the stress will ease as we approach the big day. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, daily updates are on Twitter and Snapchat so follow along if you fancy!


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