Today is a national holiday in Indonesia and yesterday was my sister's birthday so we went to a celebration luncheon. We forgot to bring the main gift we had bought for her but luckily we remembered the other little gifts that we had prepared and YAS she thought they were thoughtful. Take note ladies, the best gifts come from the heart and do not necessarily drain your loved one's wallet. 

So tomorrow is the kind of Friday I live for. Coming after a day off and right before the weekend is like fast-forwarding the whole five work days in just 8 hours (or in my case, 12 hours)!

As we approach the end of the year, every single day feels more and more like it's holiday. Now everyone that has been following my journey knows my husband and I are one of the lucky people who work a job we love, but we have a dream vacation planned for next month and we just cannot wait! You're welcome to guess the destination. Clue: It involves oxygen tank and a wetsuit. Yeay! 



I am not sure if it's because the internet has made world wide news very much accessible to everyone or the world is really getting crazier and crazier with all the attacks, discrimination, and hate going on in various regions. As much as I am grateful for still being safe up until now, I strongly feel that I have to take part in something to make the world a better place. However at the same time, I also feel like anything I would do must be carefully thought over because some people may consider taking part as taking sides, which may be unfavorable to the whole making-the-world-a-better-place thing. 

I figured the easiest thing to do, and the first thing we should do at this point, is to try to love much more than I have done now. We all love our family, our friends, and acquaintances but that is not enough. Send greater love. Love a greater range of people (and animals, and nature). Have an even bigger heart. Forgive. Be sincere. Be thoughtful. 

Remember what Desmond Doss said and make it a mantra: "Please, Lord, help me get one more." One place at a time, one occurrence at a time, one person at a time. Love always wins, I believe that. 



Thursday break is one of my favorite little things in the world. Why? Because the following work day would feel like a Monday at first, but it actually is a Friday and another day off is coming right after. Today is one of those days, yippee! 



"Once I was seven years old. My momma told me 'go, make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely'." 

I relate to that lyric of Luke Graham's song. Except I wasn't seven, I was thirteen and a freshmen in junior high school. And it wasn't my momma, it was my dad. And the message wasn't to go make friends, it was to put responsibility and punctuality ahead of social agenda.

My father is a very disciplined guy, and he made sure his three kids take after that trait. That moment when he was furious to find out that I wasn't home when he came back from work because I wondered off to my new high school friend's house without telling him really took me aback, as well as several other incidents where I had promised him I'd be home at a certain hour and only reached home several minutes after such hour, which is his biggest pet peeve. But growing up, I keep finding that punctuality and responsibility are traits that are hard to come by. My father is much more lenient now that the kids have grown up, and my husband has taken me under his wings, I am grateful for his lessons and his ways of teaching them to me. I would consider that's the best life advice I've ever had.

Tell me, what's the best advice someone has ever given you?



I loooove all these trends from my childhood that are coming back. Big belts, big sleeves, big everything. I remember when I was a kid, I had a peculiar taste in fashion. My mom and sister never liked any piece of clothing I pointed at when we were going shopping (more like when my mom was going shopping with two little girls she had to keep an eye on), and because I was not old enough to have my own money, those pieces I pointed at never ended up in our shopping bag because obviously my mom would not buy me something she didn't like. It happened for years and years, and made me think that I had a terrible taste. This is likely one of the reasons I started this blog when I was a teenager, to reach out to a wider fashion community and find out if other people also thought my taste was that terrible. Years have passed, I am still not sure what's the answer to that. But whatever it is I'm happy to be in this blogosphere. Cheers!



In the spirit of it being my birthday a couple of days ago, I feel like sharing in this blog a little bit more (or less) of what I am as a person. Most people think I am extroverted. They are wrong. I am a total introvert. Social activities exhaust me and bring out the dark in me, except if those engagements are with a certain group of people that I consider - for lack of a better word - my inner circle. That circle is not large nor medium-sized, it is rather small as it only consists of my core family, my husband, and about ten other people who are my closest friends. My phone very rarely rings. People don't really reach me to get on chatty convos, which I am completely fine and comfortable with. I naturally avoid social gatherings, withdraw from non-inner circle engagements, or when I have no choice but to be involved in one, I take plenty of time to "recharge". For some reason, virtual engagements on this blogosphere has never really bugged me. This is why I have kept this blog, despite numerous incidental hiatuses, and I have been going back to it like the coziest corner in my bedroom. 

There, I've said it. If you've been reading this post up to this point, thank you for putting up with my rambles and hope you pardon my peculiar social choices.

Anyways, here are two outfits I put together for the weekend. I just love the details in each of them. I cannot stop appreciating that three-stacks necklace and how it would always be a pretty neck accessory to whatever outfit I would wear. In the second outfit, it's the pretty little bows on the sleeves that is the orbit of the look. Which one do you like better? 

You can find that blouse (and other lovely treasures) on Tokopedia by clicking here: Baju Atasan Wanita Online. Or, if you're Indonesian (or even if you're not) and you're looking for some new Batik clothing for work or otherwise, you can directly click here: Jual Kain Batik Online.

So cheers! Until my next check in!



I have lost count of the number of posts on this blog since its birth that I started with the phrase "It's been a while since I last posted" or other similar phrases. This post shall add a new one to that pile. My last check in was November last year. I have literally taken a trimester break from blogging. This may fall short of most bloggers' and/or most viewers' idea of good blogging practices because perhaps the longer you don't update the more likely people leave and forget about you. But for being completely honest, I feel like I have a healthier relationship with my blog now in that I do not feel the pressure of having to create a post in a fashionable frequency despite my main work and busyness IRL.

Anyways, here we are nearing the median of the second month of 2017. This is my outfit for this day we call Cap Go Meh, which is the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year. Like most celebrations, though this is not one of the festive ones, we gathered with our kin and had good laugh and love. Weekend well spent, I must say. I feel more ready to exhaust yet another ton of energy at work this coming week.

Next up on the calendar is the regional election this Wednesday. Not sure if it's just me growing up to adulthood or if politics have really gone more maleficent than ever. Voicing our opinion and our political take makes us stand on the adversary side of another person or group and puts a target on our backs. Best friends separate and families fight on the face of politics, true story (thankfully not mine so far). I sincerely hope for the coming election to go peacefully and smoothly. We all love this city we live in, we all have the same end goal. Whatever the result, trust that it is what most of the citizens want, thus is what the city needs, and commit to that end goal we all share. Happy voting!