I have lost count of the number of posts on this blog since its birth that I started with the phrase "It's been a while since I last posted" or other similar phrases. This post shall add a new one to that pile. My last check in was November last year. I have literally taken a trimester break from blogging. This may fall short of most bloggers' and/or most viewers' idea of good blogging practices because perhaps the longer you don't update the more likely people leave and forget about you. But for being completely honest, I feel like I have a healthier relationship with my blog now in that I do not feel the pressure of having to create a post in a fashionable frequency despite my main work and busyness IRL.

Anyways, here we are nearing the median of the second month of 2017. This is my outfit for this day we call Cap Go Meh, which is the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year. Like most celebrations, though this is not one of the festive ones, we gathered with our kin and had good laugh and love. Weekend well spent, I must say. I feel more ready to exhaust yet another ton of energy at work this coming week.

Next up on the calendar is the regional election this Wednesday. Not sure if it's just me growing up to adulthood or if politics have really gone more maleficent than ever. Voicing our opinion and our political take makes us stand on the adversary side of another person or group and puts a target on our backs. Best friends separate and families fight on the face of politics, true story (thankfully not mine so far). I sincerely hope for the coming election to go peacefully and smoothly. We all love this city we live in, we all have the same end goal. Whatever the result, trust that it is what most of the citizens want, thus is what the city needs, and commit to that end goal we all share. Happy voting!


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