In the spirit of it being my birthday a couple of days ago, I feel like sharing in this blog a little bit more (or less) of what I am as a person. Most people think I am extroverted. They are wrong. I am a total introvert. Social activities exhaust me and bring out the dark in me, except if those engagements are with a certain group of people that I consider - for lack of a better word - my inner circle. That circle is not large nor medium-sized, it is rather small as it only consists of my core family, my husband, and about ten other people who are my closest friends. My phone very rarely rings. People don't really reach me to get on chatty convos, which I am completely fine and comfortable with. I naturally avoid social gatherings, withdraw from non-inner circle engagements, or when I have no choice but to be involved in one, I take plenty of time to "recharge". For some reason, virtual engagements on this blogosphere has never really bugged me. This is why I have kept this blog, despite numerous incidental hiatuses, and I have been going back to it like the coziest corner in my bedroom. 

There, I've said it. If you've been reading this post up to this point, thank you for putting up with my rambles and hope you pardon my peculiar social choices.

Anyways, here are two outfits I put together for the weekend. I just love the details in each of them. I cannot stop appreciating that three-stacks necklace and how it would always be a pretty neck accessory to whatever outfit I would wear. In the second outfit, it's the pretty little bows on the sleeves that is the orbit of the look. Which one do you like better? 

You can find that blouse (and other lovely treasures) on Tokopedia by clicking here: Baju Atasan Wanita Online. Or, if you're Indonesian (or even if you're not) and you're looking for some new Batik clothing for work or otherwise, you can directly click here: Jual Kain Batik Online.

So cheers! Until my next check in!


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