In this quick check-in I just wanna say can you believe how fast time flies? Christmas is just two months away, people! 

Next week I'll be going on another beach vacation to east Indonesia, one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. I AM SUPER EXCITED! Follow my Instagram and Snapchat for feeds.



Tomorrow (October 2) is a National Batik Day in Indonesia. I expect most people would be wearing Batik tomorrow, but I plan on wearing Batik for the full week. I'll be sharing on Instagram (or Instagram story) so if you would like some ideas you can check my page @wynneprasetyo . Ciao!

Have you ever woken up feeling trapped in a tedious routine and you kept hoping some wonder would happen to light up the day? I used to have days like that and boy that's an exhausting way to carry on living. I managed to break out of that shell with a few tricks that have worked for me, which I am sharing in this post for your reading pleasure and hopefully your aid.

1. Healthy first drink

I started consuming a glass of fruit juice every morning. We switch between sweet and sour-tasting fruits, but they are all always so fresh for the body. A secret to a happy heart is a healthy body to sustain it.

2. Sing in the shower

Or if your spouse is still sleeping, hum works too. Sing some random song that comes in your mind, it could even be any impromptu melody your brain creates. Extra boost of happiness is guaranteed if you dance to the music (as dance-y as moving your body on a slippery floor gets).

3. Pay attention to the good stuffs 

This is a cliche, yet not enough people do it! You know how if you'd kept snoozing your alarm every morning around the same time, one day you'd have grown a muscle memory that would let you pick up the phone and hit the snooze button while you remain unconscious? Muscle memory works for the brain too! Look around and force yourself to notice the things that are going right. Maybe they aren't magical, they aren't extraordinary, but they aren't going wrong. 

Things going right makes your day okay, and that's already much better than half of the world's population who are having a bad day on the same day. 

Once you accustom yourself to noticing the good stuffs, you'll start feeling grateful for the good things and the greater things. It will keep your mind in a positive state, and you'll see every day there's something new to be happy about.

4. Send music to your soul

When working on my assignments at work, I like to listen to Hillsong music on the background. The melody and the lyrics just inspire me and keep me going. Find some music your ears can enjoy as you do other stuffs, so that your soul would constantly be in a good vibe. 

5. Show off those dimples 

You probably pass by a million people every day on your way to work, at work, and on your way back. You don't know them, you don't make contact with them. Try putting on a smiley face as you walk and maintain the smile as you make eye contact with any passer-by. Some may look away, some may smile back, some way stare weirdly. It doesn't matter. You are not smiling for them, you are smiling for your soul! For me smiling to the world is like opening wide the window of my soul so it could breathe fresh air. And that is downright therapeutic.

I practice these every day and I have been feeling so much more excited and blissful. I hope you can pick up one or two habits of the foregoing and benefit from it. Plus, if you have another trick that keeps your day interesting, please do share in the comment box!   


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