Anyone remember the time when everyone used to take pictures with a camera that used films, and so you could only take one picture at a time and hoped that when the film was printed to a photo you wouldn't look weird? Hahaha I remember how rare it was to FINALLY get a good picture of myself. The new generation has it easy! We now can see ourselves while taking pictures, take a million shots, and later decide which one we actually wanna use. 

But in the digital era I still like to print photos and frame them. There's something heart-warming about putting up photos of memorable moments around the house. For me, framed photos easily make a place home. 

One thing that never changed though, is how important it is to keep our appearances neat, whether in photos or otherwise. A key aspect to that is having healthy, well-pampered skin. I have dry facial skin so normally my problem isn't zits, it's having pale and dull-looking skin. My facial skincare routine is nothing more than washing my face with water and that's it. Lucky me, you said? But I hate to settle with never having a bright facial skin to show off in pictures! 

I recently tried this Night Cream by Lüi Switzerland (thanks to Clozette Indonesia (Instagram)). This Switzerland-made product is light-textured and smells good. My husband was also surprised when he touched my face after I applied this brightening anti-aging cream, LOL perhaps he had never felt his wife's facial skin so smooth and firm before. First week of using this product, I feel my skin smoother and looks brighter. Lüi Night Cream promises to nourish and rejuvenate my skin by reducing pigmentation and wrinkles (exactly what I need!), so cannot wait to see the natural glow upon routine use.

Basically Lüi Switzerland's Night Cream works for me, which is a good thing because finding a face product that works for me is a rare event. If you have a similar problem like me, you probably want to give it a try. Worry not, Lüi's products do not contain any chemicals that aren't friendly to the skin. Let me know if it also works for you!

If you have questions regarding this product, you can write them in the comment section or reach me on Instagram or Twitter. More information of their products can be found on Lüi Switzerland's website (click here) or Instagram (click here). 



Cheers from Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia! I always knew this place was such a paradise, and I cannot be more thankful that Frans and I had the chance to vacation there for the 11th honeymoon since we got married.

We took more photos underwater as it was a diving trip. I'll upload them on Facebook instead of here. But here are a couple of pictures of our one-week stay, hopefully it'll invite more of you to visit this beautiful country of ours :)


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